Natural Beauty With No Makeup

If you want to look young, whenever you have a chance not to wear make-up then grab it. We are naturally beautiful; make up should only be applied to enhance your beauty.

Try to avoid cleanser in the morning. This might not gonna work with most of you but it could work for some. As long as you can just wash your face with water.

If your face feature is strong and you have deep eyes, then avoid the on fleek eyebrows, just use a little bit of pencil just to fill in the sparse areas. If you follow the trend of having the eyebrows fuller and more on fleek, it will just be too much.

Apply Mascara. It can help you being transparent and show your emotions. So when you do selfie, your eyes would do the trick. Smile with your eyes for you to look more blooming.

Concealer. When you don’t get sleep, concealer can be a lot of help to hide your puffy eyes. Apply concealer under your eye. It really makes a difference.


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Be Fabulous At Night Gimmick

I don’t go out at night, oh well I’m a mom of two so that explains everything but if you are going at night attending parties, dark colours can  change your old style of make-up. Dark smoke can make you different among the rest in a party. You just have to layer like shimmering over matte then rubs towards the brow for strong effect of your eyes. Messy eye make-up is a new beauty make-up trend nowadays, it gives mysterious look when one wears make up like this. So why not have messy eyes while you can simply just follow the simple step to achieve dark smoke look. Be fabulous in going out have the dark smoke eyes.

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Turns You Into New

Yesterday, my friend from the pool knew that I will have dinner at Marco Polo with my other friend and so she help me with applying make ups and the like. Just before the kids finish their training, my friend and I went to her car to start applying make up. Yeah, I want to thank my friend for doing a great job, not only once but I guess this was her 2nd time of putting make up on my face. I can do it myself though but it is good when you have the expert around you. She had been doing that kind when she works abroad, so from the experience she can turn you into new.
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Sell this House in the Morning

I usually don’t watch TV in the morning because I have to help Mj when she had to review her lesson. We choose the morning for her study especially on Science and Civics since she got too busy during the day, Kumon and swimming class that is, this morning since they just finished their exam last Monday, I am free to watch TV and let her do her thing like combing her hair for a while or get up late as 6:30 a.m.

I turn the TV on right on time because the Sell this House in Bio Channel is just about to start. I just love watching this house make over because it would give us an idea how to design our house with a minimum amount. Mostly they only reach up 500 dollar or something to make over it.
While cooking our breakfast and preparing Mj for school, I took a peep in the TV to see what’s going on. As usual they left me with awe, they again done a good job in designing and adding some style in the house. The owner was so delighted because they were able to sell their house in just a few days from the day they make over it.
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