No One Knows

I could still remember when I was just a kid; I was able to look after this boy, when he wants to take a nap I would sing for him until he dropped off to sleep on her blanket hammock.

I could not believe that my cousin who is younger than me will pass away. Last Saturday, I learned from my sister that he died of kidney shock on Friday. His best friend and cousin as well informed us that he died and that we are invited to see his remains at Angel Funeral. I was so shocked, I could not believe it, we even thought he got an accident but nope, he was already sick on January and was admitted to the hospital 3x. His siblings could not believe it as well, when we visited the funeral yesterday, his youngest sister said that they don’t have a 2nd father anymore because they treat him as their father next to their father. They are not intact, their father and mother who is my cousin got separated years and years ago, after having 7 kids. Their father re-married again or should I say had lived in after he and his wife got separated. My Aunt went away from their house and went to Manila; she left the kids with their Dad. Sooner the eldest, got so disappointed that she married early. The second who is a boy tried to get hold of the family and never was he give up, he didn’t even felt hatred to his Mom. Whenever his siblings need some help, he would always lend a hand for them. He got married too but he didn’t forget his responsibility to his younger siblings. Kidney shock at 29 is hard to believe, I mean what happen to the world now, last year our friend who is only 17 years old died of heart failure and now our cousin who just started to have a family. Only GOD know until when we will be here on earth and one must be ready for our ending, but with kids so young yet how can they cope up. I can only offer prayers and hope my cousin would still guide them even he is already in heaven.

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Friends From College And My Friends Today

I still consider myself lucky even how cruel my life was during college, because I have friends I can always talk to whenever I feel like down. But time flies so fast and different because I no longer see them now, I always wonder what their activities are today because even though one of them is my friend in Facebook, I still could not reach her.  That friend was my best friend before but I guess the time change because even a Hi or Hello from her could never be heard. But I always cherished our memories together during college, even she does not remember them at all, I do and I always care.

 photo DSCI2631_zps60aa5dc2.jpg

My friends today are just around yet it is sad to say one has to go out of the country, maybe the picture below would be our last picture for this year. Our friendship lasted already for 7 years and thanks to FB because we can still update and talked with our whereabouts. And since my eldest daughter is no longer busy with her training, I can stay in the computer the whole day if I want to but of course, a stay at home Mom like me still have so many things to do inside the house or even outside to pay the bills. Nevertheless, I love my life now, no pressure at all and I can live with it smoothly without those mouths and eyes that follow me whenever my kid would compete.

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Considering The Kids Feeling

When I was still a single Mom, when I would enter into a relationship, I always consider my eldest daughter’s feeling. I would always ask her if the guy was okay for her so on and so forth. I could even remember Mj telling me if we could afford to buy a Daddy for her since she really wants to have a Daddy of her own. I was not dreaming of having an abundant life but someone who would stay with us and love us unconditionally.

I even asked that to my friend what she wanted in life, she is confused whether to accept a certain suitor or not and leave the boyfriend that she answered yes two months ago. I too was confused what she wants, she wants a clever guy who could give her not only everlasting love but wisdom in life. I understand her though even I could not fathom what she wants but she should nevertheless consider her kids feeling when she would come up to a decision. But I believe if she really loves one person no matter how the guy do for a living, she would fight for him no matter what, she already proved it to her boyfriend before but it was just he was the wrong guy because instead of giving her back the love, he just caused her pain.

On the other hand, I wish her the best and I hope she will be happy whatever decision she might have. I am just here as always to support her.

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Great Love

You must watch this video and you tell me how do you feel after you watch her Eulogy? Because I was drowned with my own tears while watching her saying goodbye to her husband. Such a great love indeed!

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