When I grow old

The other day, as I was waiting for the clinic to open so I could ask for a medical certificate from my eldest daughter’s pediatrician as requirement from school for her to have a special quizzes and assignments. I sat beside some old folks waiting for their doctor to arrive at the other clinic, the clinic was also close. One asked one patient if what she would do there, the old woman A said she needs to be back there so the Doctor could take out the machine on her chest; she said the machine was for her heart’s condition. The young woman told her that her Aunt, who sat beside me at that time, will be having a thorough check up for her heart. And she was confused why they required so many tests. The old woman A replied maybe because to know her heart condition, the young woman replied she only had a goiter and she just also had a cough, the old Woman A answered back maybe the goiter complicates her and that the heart should be check.
The old man who sat in my right side, interfere that is because we are ageing that’s why we need to get a complete check-up, the old man also had a rheumatism and he was also waiting for her doctor at the other clinic.
When we had some various discussions because later I was already batting in with their topic, I realized what illness should I have when I grow old, would that be rheumatism or heart failure? These old folks seem like telling us that we should get ready because even how healthy we are now, we still could get complications when we aged. Maybe because of our lifestyles or the food that we eat, we do not know and that only GOD knows.
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Ease the Kinks

As we get older, we tend to get more aches and pains. Our bones may thin and our joints may swell or stiffen. Pain and or swelling in joints may be indications of arthritis. The right treatment for arthritis can ease pain and improve joint health. When my husband gets up in the morning he will always stretch to “ease the kinks” out of his body. Getting the correct treatment for arthritis can help ease pain.
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I don’t need a juice powder

My sister Irenie went here last night and offered me a powder juice, which is according to her have a lot of vitamins. I told her I won’t need a juice but a best weight loss supplement besides I have a liquid juice stored in my freezer and an ice tea powder. This morning as I was not convinced last night, she assured me that the juice powder would also help me for my diet. I am not sure though but I guess she is so desperate to sell it to me, later I took it and tasted it, well it’s not bad at all. So I let my eldest daughter brings that juice at school, when I fetch her this afternoon she told me it tasted like a herbal medicine yet she finished it all at lunch. I am not minding anymore if it would help me of my diet, what I am concern now is the health of my kids, as the label stated that it got Vitamin C, I hope it would provide enough for my two girls.
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To Neutralize our System

There are many ways to detoxify our body just like eating healthy foods, and following healthy habits but sometimes in today’s generation we need detox products to help us remove or neutralize our system. There are a lot of colon cleansing in the market but beware because there are also imitations there that is trying to copy original colon cleansers in the market so if I were you, open a website that recommends colon cleansing, and see what they got. Choose the best and effective product and buy the product that has an excellent review from its users in order you to be safe and healthy.
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