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It’s Labor Day, It’s Double Pay

It’s Labor Day and when most of us is having an extra off, oh well not me because this holiday and most of our holidays we are still working but there’s a perk of that though, it is double pay! So meaning we have extra bucks in our pay slip, which means I can buy some extra stuff for the kids, especially Faith is asking for more homey shorts, most of the shorts she wore at home have holes. I don’t know why she kept on wearing while she knows that her undies will show up, we always asked her to change and she would say “I don’t have anything else there.” So this time, she is really asking me to buy extra for her, I promised her this coming pay I will buy her maybe 3 pieces of homey shorts but on the second thought the extra pay will be available on my next pay check, so I think she needs to wait more.

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It Is Just Not Now

Yesterday was very down moment for me as a Mom, I found out my eldest daughter lied to me and I am so disappointed. It is my rule to have no boyfriend while they are still studying, I mean until at least she will finish college but I found out she already have. She’s only 15 years old and I am so surprised that she did not even let me know, I always confronted her of it before but she said she doesn’t have anyone and yet I found out through text.

I gave her the ultimatum but it seems like she is persistent, I talked to the guy on the phone and told him to stop because they are still so young. They need to concentrate on their studies, the guy seemed understand everything but I felt so frustrated that my daughter did not.

I cried the whole night; I could not even sleep with what she showed me, it feels like she doesn’t need me anymore. So I worked without talking to her at all. Today I and my niece went out grocery shopping after work. I even told her that I don’t like to go home anymore, I don’t want to see my daughter, and I am really disappointed and so scared of her. And because it is approaching New Year already, the grocery is jam-packed with shoppers. We got home dark already; actually I don’t have sleep yet. I need to sleep for work later. On the other hand, when I went to the bedroom, my eldest daughter approached me and said sorry. I gave in; I cried in front of her, I told her everything inside me and my fear. She cried too and said she will not do it again, she said she understand what I am trying to show her, and I said she is really not allowed yet to have a boyfriend because of the fact that she is still so young. She needs to prove to me that she is already responsible and that she can finish college. I don’t care of what her boyfriend looks like or whoever he will be but I asked her to obey my rules and to finish her studies first and after she can do whatever she want to do. Even though she will forget me afterwards as long as she will be okay and I am fine already.

All I want for my kids is to have a great life in the future without any regrets because they did not follow my advice to them. I don’t want them to stumble because if they will I may not be able to walk anymore. They are my strength, without them I will be so weak. I explained to her everything why she can’t have a boyfriend yet, boyfriend will come in the right time. It is just not now.


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She Loves The Puppy Too Much

And since the puppy is already at home and no one seems to agree with me to return it to the owner, I just accepted the fact that Pandom the puppy is part of our family but the thing is, it seems like Faith is┬áso overwhelmed with Pandom because there are times that she would like to sleep with him on our bed. I didn’t agree with it, no I protested it. I always told them to guard Faith when she is ready to bed, and they should not allow Faith put Pandom on our bed. This puppy is getting so spoiled of Faith because whatever she is eating she would always give it to the puppy. I hope this time I won’t find them sleeping together again.

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So Happy To See Them Happy

I was not feeling well today but because I need to send Mj to Kumon, I can’t do anything but to go out with them. Mariel and Moreen has to go to with their friends, I just let them since the downtown has many activities that they can watch. This only happens once a year so giving them the freedom sometimes could not be a burden to all of us. I hope they remain a good girl even I am not with them. Anyway I just told Mj that once she is done, I will just meet her in SM, so we can watch the Smurf as I promised. I thought she will finished the session for a bit longer so I drag Faith to Zoofari but then just when we are about to enter, Mj is already done and she was ready to meet us in SM. I know I can’t drag Faith outside, I just told Mj to be with Faith there inside.

Mj did not like the idea, I mean she is already a teenager and she is inside the playground but she can’t say no to her little sister, so they went inside while Faith is running around, Mj also would chase after her. Sometimes they would play monster chasing a kid and the monster is Faith and she would chase her Ate Mj. I guess they both have fun that Mj did not mind being a kid like her youngest sister again. I am just there watching them playing, oh how I so love both of them. I wish I can give them all their dreams.

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When they went out of Zoofari, Mj looked forward for us to watch a movie, we dined yet since they are also starving but when we were done it was already passed 7 in the evening and it would be too late if we still watch a movie. Sad to say but I didn’t kept my promise again. Sigh!

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