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It’s Labor Day, It’s Double Pay

It’s Labor Day and when most of us is having an extra off, oh well not me because this holiday and most of our holidays we are still working but there’s a perk of that though, it is double pay! So meaning we have extra bucks in our pay slip, which means I can buy some extra stuff for the kids, especially Faith is asking for more homey shorts, most of the shorts she wore at home have holes. I don’t know why she kept on wearing while she knows that her undies will show up, we always asked her to change and she would say “I don’t have anything else there.” So this time, she is really asking me to buy extra for her, I promised her this coming pay I will buy her maybe 3 pieces of homey shorts but on the second thought the extra pay will be available on my next pay check, so I think she needs to wait more.

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Mini Interview

Our company distributed this free magazine during our lunch time; I grabbed it right away since I know I can benefit from it. And yesterday while I was thinking what topic I should write, I scanned the magazine and I was having fun reading the mini interview of this particular girl who is working in BPO for quiet sometimes already. The question is very cool that made me think, what if I will be the one to answer that question. Moreover, here are my answers.

 I wish my office would have…

2 hours lunch and its paid especially during queue, isn’t that amazing? LOL

If I had the whole day to myself, I would …

roam around the mall with kids and eat out and have fund

I survive my crazy shift hours because I’m…

looking forward to go home right after shift and blog 

The awesome perks of the job are

the salary is good enough for me to support my family

My go-to-party outfit for the holidays

As usual my two pair of jeans and an ordinary top 

Fave (but slightly embarrassing Christmas song)

Jingle Jingle bell, I don’t know why, its old but I kept on singing the same song all over during the holiday season.

My dream holiday getaway

it was going to US before but now I am thinking Japan

The best Christmas gift I’ve ever received

time with my kids since my voice faded during the queue and I have an excuse to be absent 

How I spend my Christmas every year

For two years now, I spent it with my kids since I always got sick, I don’t know why 


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It’s Christmas Time

It’s Christmas time, everyone must looking forward what to shop this holiday season. I already have a new pair of jeans and a polo shirt so I think that is enough already for me. What matters for this month are my kids and niece, especially my youngest. After I complete the gifts for the teachers, I will have to find time to buy something for my youngest daughter to wear in her Christmas Party, she have 2 parties in a few weeks. Her Kaakbay and the school as well. My eldest daughter understands our status now so she said as long as they have something to eat this Christmas that is all enough for her, we can give her gifts later. But she is asking for a new pair of jeans too or watch, I hope we have enough funds this holiday season.

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Gifts For Christmas

I have so many things yet I need to buy before Christmas actually I am not starting it yet but I am doing my best to look around like Christmas Cards, toys, fashion accessories and other stuff. Actually I already ordered one set of jewelries for a friend, although it was only made out of beads but I tell you it was creatively and amazingly made by a parent from the training. I love all her creations especially the rings, I plan to take a picture of it but my Digital camera ran out of battery, so maybe when that jewelry set is done I will try to take a picture of it.