Women Suffers Urinary Incontinence

After giving birth when women suffer from urinary incontinence, they are usually prone for postpartum cases as those who do not have urinary incontinence. New study says that leaking is not normal. Women who suffer this should go and see a Doctor. There are many prescribed treatment when women suffer urinary incontinence and they are as follows:

Medication: There are many prescription drugs to be use for urinary incontinence, this is to relax the bladder contraction and would improve bladder function.

Behavior changes: Meaning diet changes because there are times that the causes for urinary incontinence is due for your diet so you have to avoid certain foods and beverages to stop or prevent the leaks.

Surgery: If the causes are identified surgery must be recommended.

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Exercise Is The Best Option But How

 photo 26661_351521449050_607969_n_zpsfd08a670.jpg

This picture was taken 6 years ago; I accompany my friend to go to Cebu as she has to take an exam there for her profession. We roamed around Ayala Mall to unwind, when we bumped with a friend in Multiply. I was able to notice her in her picture, and later we talked for hours. I think I blog this years ago and now here I am again talking about this picture. Oh well, I just miss my figure here, I am not that chubby yet, I can still wear a little tight blouse.

This month, I tried to go back to work and just for weeks my niece noticed that I lose weight, I mean who would not be? I only slept for an hour every day and yet I have to work at 9 in the evening. My meal is complete but when you are depriving your sleep for me everything will fall down. I didn’t have the energy at all, when I arrive at work I am always groggy, I am not in the mood at all.

How I wish to lose weight but still healthy, like your sleep is complete for 8 hours but you still have the shape. I also don’t like to take a diet pill, as I heard so many side effects when taking those. On the other hand, exercise is the best option, I know but I just don’t have the time.


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I Can See It Very Often Now

Ever since I knew I had a floater, I can see it very often now.

I have mentioned here before that my husband has a floater and it’s big, when he went back to the states I learned that I also have a floater too. I mean it was hard to understand in my part what is a floater or the images of it now I know and sometimes it is already bothering me especially when I am driving. My floater is like a dot but like three of it and I can see it when it is too bright. My eyes are itchy nowadays as well, thanks to my husband because he left me with his eye treatment, it is for eye itchiness so I have used it. So far it does me very well, my husband advised me to learn how to ignore my floater because he suspected that it has been there already even before, and since I didn’t know about floater, I just ignore the images I was seeing but now that I knew about floater then it became very visible already.

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I Had A Long Day Today

It is still the first day of the week and yet I am already too busy.

Who wouldn’t get tired? At 10 in the morning today, the school of my eldest daughter message me that I need to fetch her because of a fever. And so I and Faith went there to fetch her up, they advised me to have a check-up on her for assurance of her health. We need to wait for Faith to finish her school so I could send both of them to their Paediatrician for check-up since Faith also had a cough and colds although she doesn’t have a fever yet I guess it is better for her to get a check-up too. When we arrived home Mj became weaker, she slept right away after dinner and after she took her medicine. Her allergy went down after she took a medicine for allergy at the clinic. I had a long day; waiting for our turn to the clinic is not fun at all. But good thing Faith this time can behave and just watch TV, she would get hyper but I can already control her.

At night I have to sleep beside Mj to monitor her fever, I was really worried that I need to get up every now and then to check her temperature. Faith has to sleep with Mariel but she doesn’t like to, so I have to lie down with her and I will just transfer her when she is already fast asleep. I hope this is nothing; I mean it is not that fever that I am always scared of. I really have to pick some Tawa-Tawa in the neighborhood tomorrow to ensure that she will be okay.

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