The Perfect Baby and Children’s Gifts

Not only is it fun to browse through a baby and children’s boutique in person or online, but when the wide selection is extremely creative, it is a super delight. A store’s baby registry service allows for a chance to give items that are especially desired.

Whether you are seeking something for your own child or grandchild or as a gift for a baby shower or a recent birth or for children of any age, you will be amazed at how ordinary items can be made into unique and adorable offerings that are sure to please. Add personalization created by professional designers to a gift for an extra and appreciated surprise.

Newborn gift packages are filled with useful and cheery items.

Nursery and children’s room décor livens up the atmosphere and presents the fun of decorating, knowing that the baby or child will enjoy seeing the comforting environment with custom crib bedding and accessories.

Here are just a few examples of special gifts:

Baby Elephant Mat in Blue or Pink

This large silky smooth 31-inch mat makes an ideal and comfortable floor cushion for babies as well as toddlers and young children who love to lay on them while watching television. The elephant’s head is stuffed and acts as a pillow. The mat is easily rolled up and is machine washable.

Folding Beach Chair with Umbrella

What could present more summer fun than this lightweight and easy-to-fold chair in blue, pink, or purple with its attached umbrella. The chair is for children up to 60 pounds. You can add a bucket and a tote filled with beach boys, and all these items can be personalized with the child’s name.

Baby Doll Carriages and Cradles

You can cultivate a young girl’s nurturing and caring skills when she can place her favorite doll into a personalized beautiful wooden cradle or an elegant doll carriage designed after a vintage English pram with designs such as pink lace or hand-painted roses and perhaps adding accessories like blankets and pillows. They are pretty enough to show off as a piece of nursery décor with the addition of a treasured doll.

Purple Pumpkin Gifts in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, is the baby boutique in Philadelphia area that has an amazingly large selection of outstanding baby and children’s gifts and room décor of all kinds that could be custom designed. The boutique is also proud of its 10 years of service to their customers both local and nationwide and their one-of-a-kind customization of a variety of items with artwork designs, names, and monograms. Included is free gift wrap!

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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for the Women in Your Life

Every year we celebrate Mother’s Day as a way to thank the mothers in our lives. This includes not only our biological mothers but also the many women who act in motherly ways, such as grandparents, adoptive mothers, and mother-figures. No matter who you are celebrating, you can make sure that they feel appreciated and valued by selecting a gift for them that shows how much you care. You don’t need to spend a fortune to find something that will be truly beautiful and meaningful, either. Here are a few tips for finding a Mother’s Day gift for the important woman in your life.

First, think about what matters to her and choose a gift that reflects here interests and values. For example, if she likes looking glamorous and feeling beautiful, consider getting her a fashionable and attractive piece of jewelry. For example, click here to find some unique pieces from Betsy Frost Design, which makes artistic jewelry for fashionable women. If the woman you are shopping for loves a certain hobby, choose a gift that fits in with that field.

Next, make sure you actually spend time with the mother-figure in your life. While a gift is nice, it’s even better when it’s paired with some quality time together. While the obvious choice is to go out to brunch on Mother’s Day, this can lead to slow service in very crowded restaurants. Think outside the box and take your Mom on a picnic, or to dinner out the night before. This way you can beat the crowds and still have an amazing time. Or, skip dinner altogether and schedule an adventure together, whether it’s horseback riding or kayaking.

Finally, make sure that you take the time to say something nice on Mother’s Day. No gifts or activities can take the place of sincere words from your heart. If it’s too difficult for you to speak up, use a Mother’s Day card to share your feelings. Try to be specific, and tell her exactly why you value and appreciate her. You don’t need to be a poet to make her cry with happiness for your loving, thankful words.

Mother’s Day only comes once a year, so make it count. With a thoughtful gift, fun activity, and loving message, you’ll make a huge impression on the women in your life.

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Ideas For Business Gift Baskets

As the holidays get closer, you are trying to figure out a unique gift that you can offer to your best customers. You should consider giving holiday corporate gift baskets, because they give you the chance to create a personalized gift that your customer will appreciate. You can use a variety of inspirational sources to determine what to put in your gift baskets, and you should always consider using your own products as gifts.

Promotional Gift Baskets

When customers see a gift basket, they are already impressed at the sentiment that goes along with creating one. If you have a variety of promotional items you give out to clients, then you can combine the better promotional items into gift baskets that will be big hits with your customers. Everything from pens to desk calendars will work when it comes to creating the perfect holiday gifts for your clients.

Gift Cards

Many companies like to give gift cards for their own products and for service companies in the area to their clients. For your bigger clients, you can gather up a collection of gift cards and put them into a gift basket that will make quite an impact. Be sure to include cards from the more popular restaurants and entertainment venues in your area to give your gift basket a larger appeal.


If you know that your customer has a sweet tooth, then a gift basket made of cookies, candies and other sweets is definitely going to make a positive impression. Sweets gift baskets are also good for giving to entire offices full of people that would have to share the gift. You could include some coffee or cocoa with your sweets to give everyone a full taste experience.

Wine And Cheese

Sometimes the oldest answers to gift questions are still the best answers. Wine and cheese gift baskets have been popular for decades, and there is no reason to think that your customer would not appreciate one. A wine and cheese basket with an international theme to it is something that your customer is sure to appreciate.

During the holidays, you want your gifts to your clients to stand out from your competition. The act of giving personalized gift baskets as holiday gifts will help you to make a lasting positive impression on all of your clients.

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Signature Gifts

Some people are known for their flashy or classy wardrobe. Others are known for their organizational skills, punctuality, or lack thereof, or for a specific talent they have. You can become someone who is recognized for their signature gifts. Willow Tree sculptures are created with the intention of conveying an emotion. When you consistently give willow tree figures as gifts, your family and friends will begin to eagerly anticipate your carefully selected and thoughtful gifts. They will become treasured keepsakes.

Start a tradition

You can start a tradition by welcoming a baby into the family with a Willow Tree baby figurine or with an angel figurine. A figurine that beautifully depicts the love that radiates from a couple in love would be an ideal wedding gift. You could continue the tradition of giving these figurines by giving them as milestone anniversary or birthday gifts.

Be unique

When a friend or family member is going through a illness or a difficult time, they might receive cards and flowers to cheer them up or encourage them. You could be more unique with your gift and give them a figurine that depicts the depth of love and concern you have for them.

An expressive figurine is something that a person can place within sight and be reminded of your love, compassion and concern every time they see it. In a magical sort of way, it enables them to sense your presence regardless of the physical distance between you.

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