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    We Are Still Friends

    It has been a while that news broke to us, and I am sure the family took it so hard to admit what has to happen. But whatever the cause, we are still friends of this man while I and my friend never changed at all. We also remain friends. So when Joe went here last month, he said he would love to take me and my kids for lunch, which I accepted. The kids were so happy of the gift he gave, especially Faith because that was the book 2 of the series she is looking forward to read.

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    Making Goals With Your Friends

    I am sure that you and your friends are so into music so why not attend some local gigs in your town. This can give you and your squad an inspiration to write when you listen to soulful music. And when you write you can record your own song too, upload your music online for the world to hear. Halloween is fast approaching so gather your friends and attend or host a costume party. You can convince your buddies to wear a costume as X-men, Avengers or Sailor Moon squad. When you are not busy or no school or no work at all, get a girls day out. This must…

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    Best Friends Forever Top Lessons

    Best friends always bring out to each other. They don’t pull each other’s down. Best friends should be happy whatever their best friend’s achievement and will always be there when one is down. There should be a balance, if your best friend has all the energy is the calm one. Extra effort should be exerted no matter what. Make time to each other although real time tends to get in the way like you work in a different place and your best friend stays in your hometown. In today’s world of technology, it is easy now to connect, make time to at least have face time or Skype with your…

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    A Picture With Them

    When this movie haven’t shown yet, every poster that I passed by, I always asked my friend to take a picture of me with them. You may find it hilarious but geez who cares? I don’t care at all. With my age, you would be wondering why I am so into them, my answer is I don’t know also. I just woke up one day and suddenly I adore them, oh no not only that I love them to the max. This picture was taken when we had lunch in one of the malls here. I spotted the picture and right away I asked, I mean I begged to have…