Making Goals With Your Friends

I am sure that you and your friends are so into music so why not attend some local gigs in your town. This can give you and your squad an inspiration to write when you listen to soulful music. And when you write you can record your own song too, upload your music online for the world to hear.

Halloween is fast approaching so gather your friends and attend or host a costume party. You can convince your buddies to wear a costume as X-men, Avengers or Sailor Moon squad.

When you are not busy or no school or no work at all, get a girls day out. This must be so enjoyable for the whole gang this is way much better having a date with your crush. This is a BFF’s goal. Why not book a full spa package. It can be fun especially after the manicure, pedicure and massage, set a movie night at home.


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Best Friends Forever Top Lessons

Best friends always bring out to each other. They don’t pull each other’s down. Best friends should be happy whatever their best friend’s achievement and will always be there when one is down. There should be a balance, if your best friend has all the energy is the calm one.

Extra effort should be exerted no matter what. Make time to each other although real time tends to get in the way like you work in a different place and your best friend stays in your hometown. In today’s world of technology, it is easy now to connect, make time to at least have face time or Skype with your best friend to catch up. Being the supportive best friend doesn’t just stop within a city but it should be across the world, support each other despite wherever your best friend is.

Share common passion to your best friend. It could be beauty products, music, hobbies and all that. Those were tiny things but those passions should be celebrated. It is one reason to bond together and could be the reason for greater things in the future.


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A Picture With Them

When this movie haven’t shown yet, every poster that I passed by, I always asked my friend to take a picture of me with them. You may find it hilarious but geez who cares? I don’t care at all. With my age, you would be wondering why I am so into them, my answer is I don’t know also. I just woke up one day and suddenly I adore them, oh no not only that I love them to the max.

 photo 13043322_10208814202768499_1878669932497661429_n.jpg

This picture was taken when we had lunch in one of the malls here. I spotted the picture and right away I asked, I mean I begged to have a picture of me taken with them. My gay friend was hesitant but damn, he could not stop me so he gave way.

 photo 12524175_10208824761672465_3454194112143381369_n.jpg
My friends tagged me along to watch the Captain America vs Ironman the civil war, when we went out I saw that poster again. The poster that everyone fell in love. So I asked my friend again to have a glimpse of this picture with me and so to satisfy my craving, she gave in. Hahaha!!! Felt like they are my favorite food for me to always crave, want and stuffs. Thank you for making me young, you two!

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The Fangirling Of Me

Last May 04, together with my workmates we were able to watch “This Time”. I made a promise to myself that on the first day I will watch the movie. I thought I will be the only one who will watch it after the shift but two of my workmates went with me. And to my surprised even my male friend went with us, oh well I guess he felt sorry in the end because whenever we giggled we hit him or slap him in the back. He even said, enough because he is already hurt. Oh well forgive my fangirling, I just can’t help the “kilig” whenever I saw them being sweet or even just talking. I am sure this movie will be a hit, if you haven’t watch it yet, you will be sorry because you will miss half of your life.

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