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It Is 4th Of July

Happy 4th of July America!

It could have been more fun if we are there to watch the fireworks but of course we can’t we are miles away from the land of the brave and free. Or we could celebrate it here if only Daddy is here, I am sure he have so many things he would like to share with us. He would maybe cook something special for us in the celebration of 4th of July.

4th of July is declaring the independence from Great Britain, it is also associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, reunions, political speeches, and ceremonies. Even though I don’t have any idea how they celebrated the 4th of July oh well except for the fireworks that’s on International TV.

My husband just arrived on July 2 in Maryland yet he did not go out to check the activities outside the house, he spent his day sleeping as his body still adjusting for the time there. On Friday would be his first check-up for his eye, so I am hoping everything will be okay.

While my husband is sleeping in the other part of the world, I am here making myself busy being a full time Mom with my two kids. Sending and fetching them for school or for Kumon. Everything is doing well with me, I am just thankful that my husband agreed with me to stop working.

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During Araw Ng Davao

I didn’t know that the reason why my battery was easily drain in my Digi cam was because Mj kept on videotaping those participants in the parade last month during Araw ng Davao, I just learned it now when I am rescanning again all the photos and geez she was like videotaping¬† six times. And so since my battery was drained and it was only sometimes it would open, she only took Jennilyn photo, a celebrity in GMA 5 and nothing else. I didn’t recognize her at first because Mj was not able to aim the camera properly but it was her. Do you think it’s her?

 photo HPIM0201_zps59b7da93.jpg

Thank GOD that my two friends brought their camera as well, so we have the chance to take a picture.

 photo 575972_619420024741240_681552776_n_zps77e5ccf7.jpg

 photo 426419_523099667740344_1302851012_n_zps5789c86a.jpg

It was so hot and muggy that we didn’t really finish watching the parade; we took a walk for a while because one of my friends has to withdraw some money for lunch. Then we walk back again because we need to hail a Jeepney to take us in the mall. Mj was complaining again because her legs are already in pain. Oh well, as usual! By the way, I need to thank my daughter for taking good pictures, even she’s a little pasaway, the two last pictures are awesome I love it. Thank you Mj!

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Went To Fiesta Today

Happy Fiesta to my sister’s place, we just went there today after Mj’s Kumon. She cooked dinner for us, we were their only visitors and Faith is already there making kulit to all of them. I could hear her voice just before we went inside the gate. Their fiesta celebration was so simple; most of the neighbors did not even care to serve foods in the table. Maybe the economy crisis is hitting to all of them, oh well not them only but all of us. My sister just cooked us two varieties of foods and we were able to bring some of it. So I don’t have to cook for breakfast because we will just heat it before we go out to watch movie.

Fun Filled Event

This Saturday, San Lorenzo will be celebrating their Fiesta, I asked my sister Merlyn what would she cook during the Fiesta, she just smiled at me so I suggested a Pancit Canton would do and a coke, we are already okay with that. She said with glee she will cook a Pancit Canton for us, I can’t wait for that day because I can mingle again with some of my old friends living there. And my daughters will be able to play with their friends out there.
Fiesta, what does fiesta mean to you? Well if you are living in the Philippines then you could encounter different fiestas here. It is not exactly a holiday but it is a saint’s day for that particular county or barangay. It is one way of being so thankful for a certain saint that he has given you a bountiful blessing for the whole year. Fiesta was originated from Spaniards during their era in the Philippine. Then since it has been the tradition, we followed it until now. There is also a mass during the day and some programs at night, which is prepared by some youth and organizer of a certain village. There are many entertainments they would present from the morning until at night time; there are singing contests, dance contests, disco and such. It is a fun filled event for everyone.