Good Job Faith!

If Faith won’t sleep yet before sister Merlyn has to go home, she always asks Faith to accompany her to the gate so she could give the key to my daughter. We always locked the gate whenever sister Merlyn has to go home to secure us from intruders. Faith was so good to follow her commands and when she comes back inside our house, she would give me the keys that my sister gave her.

Here’s Faith waiting for her Aunt to give her the keys, she noticed that I took her a picture so she tried to pose for a moment and smiled at the camera.

Now my little Faith is ready to give me the keys so I could put it inside our bedroom. Good job little Girl!
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Enrolling Faith, Would it be possible?

When we arrived home, I noticed that there’s a day care just three houses from our house. So I decided to visit the place and inquire if they would accept toddler as early as two. I became so excited when they told me that they would accept enrollees as Faith age, she showed me what usually a two year old would do during class. She showed me their toys, their charts for numbers and letters, and some books.
Faith is fluent at times when she spoke some English words; she could imitate well the letter in and with what the teacher told me of their way of teaching. I might going to try it; well I have to talk with my husband about it yet. When I arrived home I told Faith about it, and she said “Ma, school,” she tried to drag me to go out even she did not take a bath yet, when I went directly to the bedroom, she cried so loud.
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I and Faith Little Bonding

I and Faith just had a little bonding today as I promised her yesterday I would bring her to the mall. It has been a while since I didn’t brought my little monster alone, it would always her and Ate Mj or with Ate Mariel. Today, my afternoon was all about her. Mj understand my motives, so she said she will just used my mini laptop, but too bad she was not able to log since the router was not set when my mini laptop was infected by malicious malware, I totally forgot the network key so I have to reset the router.
On the other hand, I and Faith went to wonderland so she could play a lot of games there, then when Ate Mariel arrived at the place. We all went to Jollibee to eat her favorite chicken; I also bought Faith a book that she puts it beside her when she went to sleep a while ago. I also bought a Michaela Wallet and we did a grocery shop as well. This has been a long day for us but I am sure Faith was having fun.
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The Queen of the Waves

Yesterday, right after I visited other blogs. I told my eldest daughter to play the Barbie the Mermaid Tale that we bought the other day. Mj is a big fan of Barbie, she had some research about Barbie and stuff so no wonder that she knew, Barbie has a new 3D movie. The title is Barbie, A Mermaid Tale. She was my story teller when the movie starts, of course she already watched it the other night, and already had some glimpse in the Barbie website, she even played some games related to this movie.

My youngest daughter is I think, would follow her Ate Mj’s footsteps, whenever her Ate is in front of the computer, she would climb so hard at her Ate Mj’s lap and together they would giggle and smiling with the music on that website. They even danced together while imitating the danced steps of the song entitled “The Queen of the Wave” call me weird but I can’t help banging my head a bit and stamping my foot with that tune as well, I can’t help to say yes, I am still in love with Barbie, haha!

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