It Can Be A Workout Too

When you are playing with your pet, calories get burned since you will be running and forth in your yard. Spend 30 minutes to 1 hour playing with your pet and it can be a workout too.

Stroll, go stroll. If you are driving you can park the car far away from the entrance of the building you will enter. Spend strolling or walking around in your village; if you are strolling you can burn calories 140 per 30 minutes. Burn off will be a piece of fried chicken less than 30 minutes

Cleaning the house. Obviously, bending and squatting to clean your room or the whole house can burn calories up to 215. It can burn off a chocolate bar in an hour.

Window Shopping. This is because you are walking in the mall, looking for something that you may like. It can burned calories up to 165 per hour. A big mac will burn off in 3 hours.


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Yoga And The Short History Of It

Yoga is for the physical, mental and spiritual so when you do Yoga you practice the 3 aspects, which can help you lose weight. Transforming your body and mind is the first thing that the Yoga can do for you. Anyway Yoga was originated in India but some said that Yoga was first found around 500 B.C.  The same time of Gautama, the Buddha, Gautama is the founder of Buddhism.

There are paths that can connect to the origin of Yoga; there is Sanskrit, civilization and etc., etc. I guess if you would like to know the beyond infinity of the Yoga, you might want to write a book about yoga but if you are only hearing what’s Yoga can do for you:

The Benefits of Yoga:

It can manage stress

Weight reduction

If you are in deeper practice it can eliminate toxins in your body.

It can help you with muscle strength and tone

It can increase endurance

Abdominals will be refined

So why don’t you try yoga now for exercise. It will not be easy in the beginning but I am sure you will enjoy it especially when you already see the result.

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If I Want To Live Longer

I hate running ever, so even my friends in the pool keep on inviting me before I will just simply say no because I hate it. But just a few days, I wanted to run inside the village while Mj is on training however my friends doesn’t like it anymore because they are into swimming but I don’t know how to swim and I can’t learn how to swim right now because I just enrolled Faith. I still thought of running but my laziness always got me. If I want to run, I have to decide right now. I read some tips that if you are not used to running just do it little by little. I mean one lap for a day does not hurt then the next day two and the next try the 3 laps. Can I do it? I am not sure, but I have to be stronger and healthy right now that I am aged. I am not getting any younger and I need to live longer.

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Zumba Early In The Morning

Last night I asked my niece Moreen to wake me up early in the morning as I’ll be the one to cook for our breakfast. When we ate our breakfast, I remember my friends told me about exercising and getting fit. Yes, some of my colleagues in the pool will jog, walk, and sometimes they will join the dry land of the kids. I envy them because they have the energy to do it. One of my friends said that when you exercise, everything will just so light then and you will not get easily tired. I got easily tired nowadays so I know I need to exercise.

This morning, I was thinking this is the best day to start getting fit. My husband bought me a Zumba class tape on Wii. This is nice because they will rate your dance and if you get perfect or finish the whole class, you will have a bonus, they will give you another danceable music. I exercise by doing their dance steps and followed the beat, for only 15 minutes, I was already perspiring. I aimed for one hour but this time since I just started, I will have to have 30 minutes, anyway I was already sweating for like 15 minutes already.

After 3o minutes of sweating, I turned the Wii off, fixing some plates on the dining table, then I headed to the bathroom to freshen up. I took a bath so early; I could not wait for so many hours for me to take a bath, it is better to take a bath when you just finished the exercise. And the feeling was great; it is just so nice to take a bath in the comfort of your home. And now I am ready to go out to send Faith to school.

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