Improving Your Off-Road Experience

Spending time off-road can be one of the best ways to be adventurous. Whether it’s in your backyard or across the country, it’s important to make sure that your vehicle is capable of handling everything.

Where You’re Driving

There’s a big difference between driving over sand versus mud or rocks. This means you want to make sure that you have the best overland vehicle equipmentin place. You want tires that are capable of providing you with enough traction. Further, you want to have towing equipment in place in case you get stuck.

What You’re Doing

When you’re enjoying an off-road experience, you have to consider all that you may be doing. Having a custom vehicle can help you to accomplish these goals more effectively. You may be able to bring more people with you or simply play harder in your vehicle while staying safe every step of the way.


You can truly improve your off-road experience by having various tech gadgets Incorporated into your vehicle. It will allow you to explore the great outdoors while staying within your vehicle. All sorts of expedition vehicles can be equipped with new gadgets. It will help you to see where you’re going, no matter what kind of environment you are dealing with. You can explore the deserts, the snowy mountains, and the rocky terrain around your favorite lakes and rivers.

Whether you take a tour on your own or with the whole family, you want to make sure that your vehicle is capable of handling every single mile. You don’t want to cut a sightseeing trip short simply because your vehicle wasn’t properly equipped for the experience. Additionally, every experience may require a different setup. Consider the various ways that you can improve your off-right experience by taking a good look at your vehicle. Choosing some customizations may be exactly what you need.

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New Fashion Trend While Driving


Can you see something missing in the picture?  Don’t you know that it is the new fashion trend of wearing a sunglass while driving? Hehehe

Yeah the sun was shining brightly in this side of the world and I can’t see the road clearly while driving so I grabbed any sunglasses that I can use for the meantime. My niece was laughing at me and she took a picture of me wearing my very fashionable sunglasses. LOL!

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Used For This Troubled Car

I went out late already since Mj took the half day at school for their periodical exam. She doesn’t have tutor today, because it’s her rest day from tutor. Her training will start at 7:00 p.m., so we went out around 6:00 p.m.; we were already in a hurry then because the program for their training today has given to me by the main coach last night. On our way there, I noticed the signal of my car is not working again, even the wiper and the hazard. I know then there’s something went wrong. So I hurriedly stopped by at the gasoline station, to purchase a gas as well. I switch off the engine after the staff filled in the gas, when I switch it on, it didn’t on. I was already planning to leave my car at the station when somebody approached me to help. He re-charged the battery and all that but after he puts the battery back, it still didn’t work. We are already late from the training, so I really just decided to leave the car, messaged my mechanic to rescue the car first thing in the morning tomorrow. Now that I am already used for this car, the unusual trouble won’t panic me anymore. Oh well, the mechanic is always available to rescue me.

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Excited To Be The Driver Of My Husband

I always told my friends when it is their first time to ride in my car if they have helmets or knee pads they could use. They would look at me puzzled why did I ask that weird question, they are not riding in a motorcycle anyway, they are riding a car.

That was only a merely joke, but maybe our coach treat it seriously yesterday that’s why he got scared and said I just have to dropped him somewhere. LOL! Uh, uh don’t get me wrong though, I told him after like a minute of asking him if he has a helmet that I was only joking or maybe he just have something to drop by somewhere and the road that we will passed through could be too far away from the place that he would like to go to.

On the other hand, I am so excited of my husband to be my passenger, he would seat beside me of course, I wonder if he would really buy a helmet and knee pads just in case. Lol, I am careful though, I am always a defensive driver, I won’t over take a truck, that’s a no no way for me especially when my kids are in the backseat.

I hope that he will be coming over soon though, that’s the only wish of the humble wife but even though he is not here, there’s no reason to be bitter if that were others are thinking about. I mean even though he is far away from us, I believe that he is loyal and faithful to me and to his kids. I just missed him so much that’s why I wanted him to visit us here. Again, I have no reason to be bitter because I have all the reasons to be so happy because I know now who those people I can befriend and trust with.

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