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What Does a Choreographer Do?

Are you a fan of the ballet and stage shows that have a lot of dancing? Do you like to watch movies with dancing icons like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly? If so, you might want to get a job where you will be able to dance and be around other dancers every day. One of the most ideal jobs in the dance world is that of a choreographer. However, you might not be totally certain what a choreographer does. This is obviously very important to know if you are going to pursue this profession for a career. Here are all of the things that a choreographer is responsible for.

1. You will first need to come up with all of the intricate dance routines that are known as choreography.

Your job will start by trying to create dance moves that will be appealing to the people who are watching the performance. In many cases, this can be very complex because you will have different dancers performing completely different routines at the same time while they are on stage. This can be very entertaining to watch. However, it can take many weeks of hard work on your part to get all of the dance steps just right so they are correctly synchronized. All of the dancing in the routines you create needs to flow together seamlessly. Craig Revel Horwood is a master of devising choreography in this manner.

2. Choose the music that will be used during your dance routine.

The music is almost as important an element to the overall performance as the dancing itself. After all, it would be very difficult for dancers to stay in sync if they do not have any music to dance to. Therefore, you will need to spend some time listening to different types of music. Choose musical pieces that fit the mood of the performance that you are trying to create. Uptempo music should be chosen for routines that are meant to be exciting.

3. You will need to teach your dancers how to perform all of the choreography you have created.

Your job as a choreographer will also require you to be a teacher. This means that you will need to spend weeks rehearsing the dance routine to make sure that your dancers are able to perform it perfectly. Constant rehearsal will ensure a flawless performance.

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If I Ain’t Got You

My friend Cheryl went to stay here overnight, I bought a new speaker for my magic sing and she helped me install it. Afterwards, we tried the speaker right away, it sounds already good though it was only P2, 000. Here’s my diva friend Cheryl sang my favorite song “If I Ain’t Got You”

One Of The Closest I Have Now

It was Veteran’s day in the US, and my husband was a bit late for our usual chat time on weekdays, I went out to pay my insurances and dropped by to my friend’s house, we actually agreed to have fun with videoke. My other friend came a little bit late since she worked at night time, she was the one who hosted my wedding day, actually all the big event that occurs in my life, from the thank you party down to the big event that just happen this year.

Needless to say, she is always there for me to turn my simple party to a great one, with her beautiful voice that captures the heart of my visitors, I have nothing to ask for. She is always the great singer for me, my all time favorite and I am just so lucky that she is also my friend, one of the closest I have now.

It Was So Funny!

I went out yesterday to grocery shop but then when I arrived at the mall, I learned that one celebrity from Manila will be having a free concert at 6:00 p.m. and since I arrived at 5:30 p.m. I thought to just wait for the concert to start. I was standing at the last line, patiently waiting for Billy Joe Crawford, in the contrary it started at 7:00 p.m. and my knees were already shaking.

They showed first the local singers, local dancers and they have to draw a raffle tickets yet, so that’s another one hour plus they also have a contest for look alike Billy Joe Crawford, it was so funny because among the five contestants who were trying to dance and act like Billy Joe, there was one who was really the opposite of Billy, he dances the belly dance and made a split. Of course, he was a gay. But even so, he almost won, because he got a lot of applause from the audience, they have to have a showdown once again with the one who really dances like Billy.

At 8:00 p.m. Billy Joe Crawford showed up, he sang while he danced and entertained the audience, he did not finished yet his second song and I went out from the crowd. Well, I have to grocery shop yet and a glimpse of him is enough for me at all.