Thank you But No Thanks

I got bored that I flipped some old magazines I just bought and I saw these coupons in the magazine and my jaw dropped because I saw a little big discount for a toothbrush or at least big discount for me, it was at least P 50.00 pesos off but the coupon has been expired already. I mean who have known this kind of discount if I only knew then I must avail it but can you blame me of just ignoring those coupons, believe me I saw a lot of coupons and it got my interest but when I checked how much is the discount and how much you would purchase, I would totally say thank you but no thanks because you have to at least purchase like P 3, 000.00 before you can get at least P 100.00 off, I mean come on, who do they have to hand outs some coupon after you purchase big time so thank you but no thanks. How I wish they would change that kind of strategy to tempt shoppers because if these shoppers are like me who are always in budget, there’s no way we would attempt of such purchase, I have to live within my budget.

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Taking Coupons Or Discounts

We have six in our house, me, my husband out two daughters and two college aged nieces. It’s not always affordable for us to eat out at a nice restaurant, so we have to take advantage of any coupon or discount we can find when we do choose to eat out. You would think that my husband would be the steak lover in the family but no, it’s actually we girls. So if I get the opportunity to get Black Angus coupons, you know I will grab them. We love steak and we love angus beef, so Black Angus is a great place for me and the girls, and yes my husband does eat steak, just not his favorite food.

So you are looking for coupons? Well you can find all kinds of coupons at Steak is great, but the other coupons available to us. More restaurant coupons are available and sore are clothing, books, toys, outdoor equipment, just about any kind of coupon you want. Being on a fixed income, we really try our best to take care of all the savings we can find. By using coupons, we can stretch our hard earned dollar and get the things we need.

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Best Deals For Me And My Family

As a mother of two, I am always looking for bargains. I need to do the best I can to stretch my dollar. I always try to find the best deal, no matter the product, whether it is food, entertainment or games for the kids, I am always out to save the extra dollar. We have to budget our money and when I fine a deal I think that was just for me, I will reach out and grab it.

That is when I found I can find deals on nearly everything I want. From household décor to purchasing kitchen appliances and things we need to do as we continue upgrading our home, I can find it there.

When my daughters see me visit the website, they will ask me to look up things for them. I can find coupon codes for discounts on the things they want. My four year old is asking her daddy for a table computer. He told her she can have a cat or a pizza but not what she wants. I have a suspicion her elder sister put her up to it. So if I type tablet computer in to the search engine on the mydeals website, I get a link to another site where I can find what I want. It’s really neat and easy to use. I think my four year old will get a cat and not a tablet, she is a bit young, however, if she does choose a pizza, I can get offers from such national pizza chains, like Papa John’s, Pizza Hut and Dominos. This is just a short list of what you can find there. Check it out.

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