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Couples Corner: What we have accomplished

It is Saturday night here, as usual we just arrived from Mj’s training for swimming. She is doing good although her coach recommends her to do the everyday training; I am not sure if we could compromise but let’s see.
Anyway, here’s my catching up entry for:

Rodliz’s Nest

All things happened was unexpected I got pregnant when the papers were on processed, as I thought it has been better for me to just deliver the baby here. I asked him to put it on hold. After Faith was born we tried everything to continue the process but I guess all the papers were misplaced so we decided to get married here instead. Until now, we are still waiting for it, I hope and I pray it will be soon enough. For now, we are still dreaming yet of a together happy family, please pray for us!

Couples Corner : Glimpse in the Future

I and my husband started being just friends, so I never expected it was he, whom I would end up to. I keep on teasing him before when we chat that I have a three eyes and the third eye was in the in between of my two eyes. And I told him that I can’t walk as I only have one leg. He keeps on laughing then later everything gets serious, he courted me and he waited one month for me to answer him of his proposal.
As he thought he could not give me any child any more so we focused on Mj, where will she studied and what course she should be taking. We also thought to get married in the US right after he went here to see me. I will work there while my eldest is in school and after how many years of staying there, we will go to Norway to settle down or in Australia.
But it turned out the different way and that will be our next topic.

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Couples Corner : I’ll Do it Tomorrow

There are many instances he would say I’ll do it tomorrow and never did it at all. I know he knows what I mean. But as a kulit I can ever be, I keep on asking about it until he gives up. Though there is this certain thing that he never did it for me, he said he wanted it to be as a surprised, yet until now I didn’t have it. I know he has some reasons whatever it is, I understand. Sometimes I get used to it thus he knows I was already mad even though I am miles apart away from him, he knows my feelings.
Did I tell him I’ll do it tomorrow when he asked me of something he needed me to do? Mostly I don’t but there’s this one instance that I said I will get it later, it was the name of the medicine of my eldest daughter, he wanted to know the prescription of it. And I was too lazy to get it so I said tomorrow, I just realized it now I never did it. LOL

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Couples Corner : No Dear

Is this our time to bend out? Because I just received a NO from my husband when I told her if I could reserve a ticket for me and the kid for Manila. I want to book it in advance because in that way we could pay lesser than if we pay it late. Well, he has his reason so it was okay, I just hope that we will pursue this plan this time. He would say no when I would buy him things like a new shirt, a new perfume and some new stuff, he would tell me he has enough and that I don’t have to send him those things. Among other things, except if that pertains with our papers, he would say yes most of the time.
I don’t think I have said no to him, wait. Let me think. Uhmmmm, I guess none. He can do what he wants as long as he is being good. On the other hand, I’ll have to ask him if I could buy a ticket for a concert on October 28, Martin Nievera and Gary Valenciano Concert early Christmas presentation. How I wish I won’t be hearing a no this time.

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