Be Fashionable

I know that our work can be so stressful that sometimes we don’t get the chance to have a makeover especially when you are so busy like me. But there’s no harm in trying. Spend just a little time to take a look of yourself in the mirror, give a little time to check in your wardrobe your best wear on the day. Give a little time to think. Which kind of wear will be the best maybe at least once a week of your shift?

If you in your off shift and you want to be fashionable when you go out and meet some friends. Try denim jacket, sleeveless inner, short and sneakers.

When you are about to hit the holiday feast. Wear chokers, solid color dress at least 2 inch above the knee and strap sandals

Gorgeous getaway with friends during your leaves or PTO can be memorable when you wear pair of earrings, fashionable vest, turtle neck blouse and a pair of shoes. I am sure you will be a head turner.


Japanese Theme

We just fill out a survey at work on what to wear this year-end party.  I and my team mates agreed to vote the camouflage look, we were hoping it would win because we can easily grab anything as long as it has the camouflage look but to our surprise it is not that theme that won. The Japanese theme won for our theme this year-end party. And for me it is very hard to look for a Japanese theme. What I have in mind are these kinds of styles and designs:

 photo japaneseclothingfurisode.jpg


 photo images_2.jpg

I searched it in GOOGLE and I found these clothes above. Isn’t it to complicated?

But my friend said we can choose the Japanese Street Clothes, I am still looking for something that is so simple to find and that will make me comfortable. Do you have any suggestions?

The Musical Perception Meme

My eldest daughter first performance for playing a guitar was during her recital. After that she did not perform on the stage at all. But recently, she was one of the members in their school band. They joined the school band competition during their Buwanang Wika program and again I was not able to watch her performed because I have work. But even so, I was so proud of her especially when they won the contest. I didn’t have the budget to buy anything new to her. But with the help of her classmates she still look so awesome, she is wearing the polo from her cousin and the pair of jeans that was given to her from her best friend.

 photo 14522973_10210173426588245_7581845044262873965_n.jpg

1. Where did you grow up? I grow up in the province, it is like 12 hour drive from there to where I live

2. Where do you live now? In the city

3. What do you think about religion? They should respect each other faith

4. When did you start using online social media? 2008

5. What did you study to be? A Mascom, I always wanted to be a newscaster

6. How are you at this point of your career? Average

7. Do you use your real name on a blog? No

9. Do people you work with read your blog? Nope

10. Are you on the job market? Nope

11. If you could go back in time to meet someone famous but now deceased, who would it be? Michael Jackson

Join the fun here.

Bought Some Stuffs Today

Just today I bought some new clothes for Faith and two piece for my eldest. Tomorrow Mj and I will go to the beach to attend a Christmas party for our team in swimming. Mj is so glad that we will come to the Christmas party, I mean at first I decided to just send the gifts because of work but since one of the parents will go back home in the afternoon so changed my mind, we will just go back home together with them. I am sure Mj is so excited it has been a while that she didn’t see her friends from the training, though I am not sure if she still want to be trained.