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JADINE Greeted Me!

When I went home last Wednesday from Kumon, I saw my friend tagged me of a video of my favorite celebrities. I lost the tag but I watched the video of them from Zamboanga, Cebu and Dagupan. I also scanned some videos of them in Halo Halo station in Instagram. The next morning while preparing my daughter for school, I received a message from my friend saying that Jadine greet me online! I was ecstatic, if only I have a choice not to send my daughter to school, I would probably do it but of course, the video can wait and besides we don’t have foods already at home, I need to grocery shop. Right after buying some necessary things, I went home right away and opened my laptop there I saw these two loves greeted me online! I could not contain my happiness hearing them mentioning my name! I know I am already an oldie for this but I can’t help it I really adore them. LOL. 

My name can be heard almost in the last part. Geez these two made my day! I have positive vibes the whole week!

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Till I Met You Trailer

The awaited time is over, my favorite love team is back in primetime bida. Yes they are the only one I always watched in Channel 2 nowadays. I used to watch the other shows but since I am too busy with work offline and online, it’s too rare that I can watch T.V. program. During my off, I always find myself watching Korean drama series. I got hooked up with it when I saw Mariel, my niece kept on watching some Korean drama series in the T.V. we currently have a smart TV, thus it can connect to the Internet. On the other hand, even though I can’t find myself a time to watch T.V. program, I am still waiting for Til I Met You to air and I am so long waiting for the trailer as well. Finally yesterday they were able to release it. I planned to watch it in T.V. but damn I forgot about it, I was sleeping that time it was aired on T.V. I guess I am just so tired yesterday that I was not able to wake up on time. But thank GOD, after maybe 2 hours, You Tubers were able to decode the video and they were able to upload it in You Tube.

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A Picture With Them

When this movie haven’t shown yet, every poster that I passed by, I always asked my friend to take a picture of me with them. You may find it hilarious but geez who cares? I don’t care at all. With my age, you would be wondering why I am so into them, my answer is I don’t know also. I just woke up one day and suddenly I adore them, oh no not only that I love them to the max.

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This picture was taken when we had lunch in one of the malls here. I spotted the picture and right away I asked, I mean I begged to have a picture of me taken with them. My gay friend was hesitant but damn, he could not stop me so he gave way.

 photo 12524175_10208824761672465_3454194112143381369_n.jpg
My friends tagged me along to watch the Captain America vs Ironman the civil war, when we went out I saw that poster again. The poster that everyone fell in love. So I asked my friend again to have a glimpse of this picture with me and so to satisfy my craving, she gave in. Hahaha!!! Felt like they are my favorite food for me to always crave, want and stuffs. Thank you for making me young, you two!

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Views About Celebrity

My husband could care less about following celebrities, especially those on what he calls “so-called” reality television shows. He really wonders why people would be interested in the lives of celebrities. Well, I like to know what they are doing. It is fun for me to follow them, no matter if they do good things or are getting into trouble. But mostly I want to hear about the new projects of my favorites and I want to see what they are wearing.

I know that some people obsess over celebrities and really try to live their own lives through them, but having an interest in them, like I do, is a good thing. That is why when I can watch a celeb video clip, and learn what they are up to and what their views are, I am a happy camper. Watching a video clip is a lot easier for me than just trying to catch an interview on the television or the radio. It makes my life a lot easier because I can watch the clip when I want and not try to schedule my kids’ activities around it.

My husbands has some favorite celebrities and will tell me who they are, but as far as what is going on outside of the venue of the performer, whether it is an actor or a singer or band, he just does not care to follow that. Maybe it is because I am more concerned with fashion and I really want to know what my favorites are thinking that I will follow them.

My eldest daughter and my niece will often talk about or favorite celebrities and it is fun when I can tell them a bit of information they did not know. Watching a celeb video while they are at school will often let me provide them with some news they did not know about their favorite. You now that we girls like to “gossip” and this is a good source of information about our faves.

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