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Or I Would Ruin Everything

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and since I was not able to take the kids to Italianis last weekend, I guess this time would be the right time. When I arrived home today, I asked my husband if he could give me some money so I can treat the kids. Later he told me to also give a thousand bucks to Mj because she will buy something. I didn’t know what is it about, all I know is that I shall not ask about it otherwise I will ruin everything. So I obeyed and did not ask anything when I gave Mj the money tonight when I went home, I went home late because our trainer is asking if we could hang out tonight since this will be the last day that we will be together. Next week, our trainer will be having another class and he has to let us go, we will have our non-bearing calls by next week, so more practice this time especially with our AHT. I am not sure how long could I make it, I will just have to try this; if I will not be endorsed maybe just maybe I would look for another job once again.

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Christening Celebration Last Sunday

Last Sunday, I hurriedly woke the kids up early in the morning because we were invited again to attend a Christening party of my friend. Her son will have the Christening celebration at home, so after we went to church and after we bought a gift for the celebrant, we went to their house right away. We arrive late already because the mass starts at twelve noon, then we dropped by yet in the mall nearby to buy a gift. So obviously, there will be no much foods in the table, good thing the spaghetti, my daughters favorite is still there, and some of the lechon as well. One of our friends came late too, so we shared what was left on the table. After we ate our late lunch, we gather together in the living to sing, they have a karaoke with some of our favorite song. Mj stood up to take us some pictures.

I am just so tired when we went home after because I have to always carry Faith on my lap otherwise she will run and run around the house. She is also fascinated with the baby, I am worried if she would hurt him because she is so into him although I know she won’t do such a thing, she’s a sweet kid and to hurt babies is a no no to her. She adored kids so much, and I believe she will not do anything to harm babies; I am just stopping her to get near too much to the baby for safety.

I have to thank again my daughter Mj for taking the picture. Even though she was eagerly to go back home because Faith is annoying already, she still patiently waited for me. She also got bored because she could not see anyone of her age inside the house. She wanted to go at my sister’s house that lives few blocks away but I did not allowed her.

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Her Birthday Was Perfect With These Two Male Celebrities

I really could tell that my eldest daughter is a teenager now because she giggled a lot when we saw Jake Cuenca and Slater Young at the Apo View Hotel before her birthday. Jake and Slater are two male celebrities from Manila who visited Davao for a mall show. They stayed at the Apo View Hotel for I guess a night or two and it was a right timing because we visited Apo View Hotel during that time to pre celebrates the birthday of Mj. When they arrived at the hotel from the mall show, they headed to the restaurant immediately where we dined. My niece and daughter had a good opportunity to take a picture with them inside the restaurant.

 photo 312494_10200101536477287_848571171_n_zpsf750b6b2.jpg

My niece and daughter could not wait at all for Slater to get his foods in Buffet table, good thing Slater Young was so kind to project with them. Thanks to you Slater.

 photo jake_zpse5feebed.jpg

Mj even told me her birthday was complete and perfect even though we did not host a party for her.

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Fine Dinner Celebration At The Hotel

Right after I celebrated my birthday in DMMA, a college school here in the city during Mj’s competition. My friend invited me for a dinner, Cheryl treat me that night as her birthday present for me. Such a sweet friend I have here, it has been like 6 years that we shared our laugh together and we are still counting for more years to come. On the other hand, I am not writing this post to talk about our friendship because few paragraphs are not enough to describe about our friendship and we both went through and all the memories together but here are some snapshots on my birthday at Apo View Hotel.

Here are the both of us during dinner, just don’t mind my tummy I was already too full that I could not even get the stomach in no matter how I tried. LOL


I am just so lucky to have a friend like her because without her, I could not have a grand celebration like this. LOL, look at those foods in the table they were so sumptuous and I could eat it all if only I have enough huge space in my tummy, I would gladly finish all those foods.


And of course the waiter who had done his best to accommodate us. And yeah they were the one who informed the restaurant management that someone is celebrating her birthday in the restaurant so they sang with glee and greeted me a warm birthday greetings.


The hotel’s gift for me is a wine, I could have chosen the cake if I like it but since we were already full, a wine is not bad at all to celebrate my birthday. So celebrate my birthday with glee, cheers!


I thought I will celebrate my birthday with a heavy heart because of some misunderstanding with my husband, this is the first time that my husband was not able to greet me on my birthday because my phone was off. But it went grand because of Cheryl, I thank you Cheryl for this little getaway you had for me. I am always counting that this friendship will last until the very end but this for sure I will never get drunk and sing again, never! LOL


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