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When to Use a Cornhole Board

The game of cornhole has continued to be a fun way of spending time outside and competing with other people. Cornhole is an easy game to play for both children and adults at different types of events. When you’re considering purchasing the item, there are a few ways that it can be used in both formal and casual settings.


Cornholes will work as an ice breaker when you want to allow your guests to have a bit of fun during the wedding reception. Lay a cornhole game in a grass area next to the bocce ball and croquet. Consider ordering a cornhole board that features your last name and the colors of your wedding.

Family Reunions

Your family members can bond over a traditional game of cornhole after you serve lunch and spend time outside. Consider purchasing a custom design that features your family’s last name or a family crest. The item can be reused at future reunions and will offer hours of fun that your loved ones can bond over.

Children’s Birthday Parties

Outdoor birthday parties that are hosted in the backyard will allow you to offer a variety of different games to your guests to keep them entertained. You can allow different ages of children to toss the bag into the hole and award prizes that will keep them coming back for more. There are a variety of cornhole styles to choose from to match the theme of the party, which includes NFL cornhole boards or a soccer theme.

The game is also ideal for adult birthday parties where your guests can get competitive and test their skills.

Company Party

Hosting a company party each quarter or year for your employees can reward them for their hard work and will allow them to recharge while having fun in a lively setting. Corn hole is a safe and appropriate game to include that won’t take away from the professionalism of the event. You can have your company’s logo printed on the board to make it stand out or use your business’s colors with the bags that are purchased.

Enhance the quality of your event with a game of cornhole that will encourage your guests to interact and let their hair down. The ease of the game will make it appropriate for all ages and will prove to be an enjoyable pastime.

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What Did You Receive On Valentine’s Day?

Me? I got nothing but my sister does, yes she receive flowers on chocolate on Valentine’s Day from her husband and since we did not celebrate it on that day, they went to the house and shared us the Ice Cream that they bought, her husband also gave the girls P100.00 each. They did not bring the chocolate but they brought us flowers, my sister of course has the nicest flowers.

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Had An Ice Cream On Valentine’s Day

We just stayed at home on Valentine’s Day but we were surprised because my sister and her husband went to the house and shared us a litre of ice cream. We thought, we only an ordinary day but we were wrong because it was made special by my sister. My brother-in-law also gave a hundred peso to each of the girls except Faith; of course she doesn’t know how to spend it yet. I put a stop on browsing as I would like to have a taste of the Buko pandan flavor ice cream, we had fun sharing the ice cream, it was small but we enjoyed it a lot. My sister stayed a while after we had the sumptuous dessert; she needs to use the computer for a while.

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It Is 4th Of July

Happy 4th of July America!

It could have been more fun if we are there to watch the fireworks but of course we can’t we are miles away from the land of the brave and free. Or we could celebrate it here if only Daddy is here, I am sure he have so many things he would like to share with us. He would maybe cook something special for us in the celebration of 4th of July.

4th of July is declaring the independence from Great Britain, it is also associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, reunions, political speeches, and ceremonies. Even though I don’t have any idea how they celebrated the 4th of July oh well except for the fireworks that’s on International TV.

My husband just arrived on July 2 in Maryland yet he did not go out to check the activities outside the house, he spent his day sleeping as his body still adjusting for the time there. On Friday would be his first check-up for his eye, so I am hoping everything will be okay.

While my husband is sleeping in the other part of the world, I am here making myself busy being a full time Mom with my two kids. Sending and fetching them for school or for Kumon. Everything is doing well with me, I am just thankful that my husband agreed with me to stop working.

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