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Car Hunting Made Easy

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My 2003 Nissan is on its last legs. The cost of keeping it on the road has become more than the car is worth.  I have had good service from this car, but now it’s time to let my baby go.

The first thing I need to do is decide what kind of vehicle will fit my family’s needs.  I am not set on buying a new car, but want to keep my options open.  In discussing what I want to do with my husband, I decided to take a friends recommendation to visit to begin my research.

I began my search by deciding in advance how much we could afford on a new vehicle.  Then, I selected the body style I prefer.  We had pretty much decided in advance to get either a Minivan or SUV.  Mainly for the number of passengers and we also wanted so cargo space.  I decided we would search on body style not for any particular make.

I do have a preference for vehicle manufactures, but in this case wanted to start with body style, we also set the search limit to dealers within 50 miles of our home.  My first search resulted in 96 Minivans within the price range I specified.  I took a quick scan of what the search revealed and decide to take a look a the SUVs before starting to narrow my search.

The search for SUVs within my price range revealed 951 vehicles.  Well that was a bit to many so I narrowed it down to vehicles manufactured within the past 5 years.  Still to many, so what to do next?   I decide to search for a particular model, one a friend of mine is very happy with.  What I found was that a lot of the vehicles had already been sold, but that was okay with me, it just proved that the vehicle I was search for could be found using

We found a Minivan and an SUV that we wanted to take a look at.  Since the dealers are with easy driving distance, it’s time for a trip to the dealer and a test drive of both the Minivan and SUV we are interested in.  We may not end up with either of these vehicles, but by using it has made our search for a vehicle it has saved us time and made our search so much easier.

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When It Is Not Available

Last month, supposedly I will buy parts for my car so it will be fix right away but I have to prioritize our house. It was last July that I sent my car to my mechanic. I could have let the car stay in our garage but he needs to check those parts that are defective to check what are parts that I needed to buy and of course right now, they could not run the car because the parts were already taken out. I am crossing my fingers though that sometimes this month, I could buy the parts so I can use my car already, on the other hand though I am enjoying commuting, at least as of this time that I my car am not available.

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Sleeping While Driving?

I know it’s a big no, no but geez I could not help it, I slept too late last night because I was following the drama teenage love series in The finale will be next week and actually, I just got interested on it recently.

I didn’t notice the time but I know it is already late when I hit the bed. So what to expect when you lack of sleep and you have to send your daughter to school? Of course, the probability of falling asleep while driving is a big chance. Yes, I almost fell asleep in between traffic lights, like the light is red and everyone has to stop, my eyes would shut as well.

But I have to grocery shop yet; I can’t go to the saloon to have my nails done and sleep as well because I have to grocery shop. Faith will have early dismissal today at school so I am looking forward to it, I promised to sleep when we arrive home at least before I send Mj to the pool. Sigh, the life of a busy mother.

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Broken Into Pieces

My car was hit by a flying stone last Wednesday, I was parking in the side of the street in Faith’s school and when I was about to run the car. I heard something that hit my window, I thought it was Faith but the last thing I glance, the window was already broken into pieces. I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it. Somebody said the window was hit by a flying stone and I even asked those people outside who run over  the stone for it to hit my car. The guard called the driver right away and just my luck he was only a tricycle driver. The driver then said that he was sorry and it was merely an accident, he didn’t know there was a stone and he just ran slowly because he is following for a car. I admit it was an accident but he must pay the damage as well, I mean not paying it all but at least half of the price of the glass window. He answered me immediately that he doesn’t have money. I didn’t know what to do as well so I called the ex-owner of the car and asked some information of what to do; he told me that I could not do anything with it since it is a flying stone. We only have a TPL insurance meaning, it is not an on damage, although I could apply for it in the future.

Since I could not insist the driver, I mean I could not oblige him since he doesn’t have money. I just told him to get rid of those broken pieces inside the car, clean it all up and was done. I guess I am just too kind or just felt pity with the driver so I did not obliged him. If he only owns the car or somebody that has car that hit a stone maybe I can demand him to pay at least half of the cost but sad to say he is not. So I guess I just have to let it be.

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