A Thought For Our Certification

Our non-bearing went fine although I struggle but it went fine. I never thought that the AHT could be as important as this because when I was working in a call center before, passing for it is not as vital compared now. I mean it is part of the call process but if you can’t be able pass your AHT it is okay but if you will be able to do your AHT right, you will be given a commendation. Many of us got worried with this flow though; I mean we have a QA to think of and to pass as well. My friend is very aggressive about it; she has this goal that in two weeks she should pass all the requirements for certification. Good for her but me? I still did not think about passing, I am tired of my day to day struggles, I might pass after 6 weeks, the last week of my certification or maybe can’t pass it at all, what do you think?

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Reunion Party

I am so full; we just arrived from our reunion party together with my previous workmates at the call center. We also had an exchange of gifts, even though we were only few, I still had a blast but too sad since Mj was with me, I have to get home ahead of them.
Some of us remained at the call center I worked with before, some already transferred and one had a business. I also wanted to have a business, I am thinking of starting a lending at a construction firm maybe next month when I am not that too busy. Actually I am not that sure though, I have so many things going around in my mind now but I know GOD will never leave me, he would guide me until I would come up to a definite decision.
Everything change but they were the same good friends and workmates I used to work before. Ah it is so good to go back what I was before, I was really so serious listening of what they had gone through since I resigned from work. Geez I missed talking on the phone at night non-stop and the bloopers. I sometimes wonder when I could go back to work again, I really miss working but I have two kids right now who needs my attention yet so to go back to work have to set aside but I know I will get there someday.
Moreover, I’ll be posting our pictures after they would post it in Facebook, goodnight folks!
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14 and 15

Well, it looks like I have a tight schedule this weekend. Tomorrow would be a birthday bash for our DSAT project and my workmates are inviting me to come over.

And since I miss them so much and the chitchats we used to have in the call floor, I’ll be attending the party. I already asked Terry about this, and he said yes, well he always say yes every time I’m asking of his permission. I am sure we all have fun by tomorrow; I’ll bring my eldest daughter there so she could meet some of my workmates from the call center.

On Sunday would be Cheryl’s Mom birthday, they will going to held it in Crocodile’s Park and since I message Cheryl the other day to inform her that one of our friend was admitted in the hospital, she remembers inviting me on her Mom’s birthday party. That girl, if I haven’t messaged her that day, she would never remember to invite me at the party with the crocodile huh? Just kidding…

Anyway, I hope you all guys have fun this coming weekend!

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