Tomorrow Is Buwanang Wika

The kids were absent from school yesterday, we went to the mall early in the morning to run some errands. First we went to my bank so I can report that my ATM card was lost. And then we went to the mall right after we withdraw some money so we can buy my eldest daughter a new phone. Right after buying her new phone, we went to get their costume for Buwanang Wika. We already have skirt and blouse but the blouse is too big for Faith and the skirt is too small for Mj. I’d been to SM they have some available but it is a bit expensive good thing we went to Victoria Plaza to check and we found one that are not too expensive. It cost only less than P 200.00 for the blouse and less than P 300.00 for the skirt. I will be taking pictures for their costume tomorrow. I’d been working for two years already and usually I am absent with school programs that Faith keeps on made a fuss about it but this time I will be attending her school program and she is so excited about it.

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So Hectic

I thought I could no longer attend our bonding together with my friends. It is already 3 in the afternoon and I was still in Tagum. We just arrived from Comval and we have to stop to ride another bus, I and my workmates agreed to go to the mall to have some lunch. Right after we arrived, we hailed a tricycle going to the mall, my workmates had to withdraw some money first. Everyone gather right away in KFC, the restaurant is still crowded even though it is passed 12 noon already. It took a while for us to order. I messaged my friend if we can postpone the bonding time, I suggested instead of 5 p.m. it would be best for me if we can move it to 6 p.m., my friend called me right away to tell me it is okay.

I messaged our other friend would also attend the bonding  that the dinner will be move from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m., so I can still send my workmate and daughter to home. When we arrived in Davao, in the mall where I left the car overnight. I drove the car right away to home, after I got home and after I pulled all the baggage to be put inside the house. I drove again to meet them. I have no sleep and so I was not that hyper when I met them and mind you I have to go to the bathroom to refresh as I just arrived from our trip.

After dinner, my friend invited us for Videoke, I went with them but I just stayed for 2 hours and I went home. I can’t help it anymore, my eyes will just shut down any minute and I am driving. I already drank 2 cups of coffee but it didn’t work at all. On the other hand, I said goodbye to them, we will just set another meeting with my other friend who were not able to attend the gathering.

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Hectic Schedule Today

This morning has been so hectic for me; I have to go out from the house to go to my daughter’s school. My husband and I decided to face the principal and so I could make a formal complaint regarding of one of their teachers who posted academics (pointers in Exam) in Facebook. But before I was able to talk to the principal I have to get through the Secretary to set an appointment to the Principal. Good thing the Principal was very responsive and comforted me that she will make a follow up on it. After our talk, I went home to fetch Faith to send her to school. I went to grocery shop too; the fridge has been empty since Saturday. Right after I grocery shop I went back to Faith’s school, I waited there for an hour to fetch her. It’s her schedule for Kumon, so I sent her there. Mj on the other hand will have to go in Kumon today as well to catch up her miss session last Saturday. She can commute but I will have to fetch her afterwards, I just need to send Faith back home. I am too busy today but I am thankful that I was able to accomplish especially with Mj’s school. I was able to rest at home, after the training of Mj at 10 in the evening.

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How to be Punctual?

Yes, there are times that you got too busy and you have had a hard time of weighing your social life and work because of your hectic schedule. There are times you forgot some appointments or you can’t get there on time, because you are still catching up your sleep or you are still in your dreamland. Oh well, you are not alone because I am actually oftentimes are doing the same.

Worst, when I can’t make it at all, I would make up some excuses especially if I think that they are less important. In which I know is very unfair to the person whom I would meet because they are doing their best to make way for their time just for me. So how to be punctual, there are many ways not to say late or no with an appointment.

Write your appointment down, and cancel ahead. I mean you don’t want that person to be waiting for you the whole day right? So a day or two days before the appointment, maybe you can find some time to text them that you can’t come because you caught up with much more important things. Try to arrange again another appointment and you have to make sure this time that you can make it no matter what. By writing your appointment you will never forget them at all, do not fool yourself to believe that you can put it in your mind without making a scribble of such appointment.

Recite and study your tasks. I know that you won’t receive any report card but you may not know it, you are being evaluated from the person that you are meeting up with. If you come there on time, it would show that you respect and value their time of having that appointment with you.

Repeat your schedule to your mind, because in repeating there’s a big chances that you will not forget your task during the day. In that way you won’t disappoint the person you are meeting up with, they would believe that you care for them and their schedule as also packed like yours.

 photo Moa38_zpsc29d3b47.jpg

And yes, we need a watch for us to know that if we are late or not, I always wore my watch everytime and if it’s not in my wrist at all. I feel like I am not complete.

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