Selfie Time For Both Of Us

It was the recognition day of my daughter just last week, dang I forgot again to bring my camera. Yeah even in every occasion I always forgot my camera good thing I have my cellphone with me although yeah good shots should be with a Digi cam and not in a phone. So since I was the only one attended Mj’s recognition day as always, I just took my phone and took a picture of us two after she received her medal. This is what you called Selfie, it is just that there is the two of us; thanks to Selfie at least we had a remembrance for her recognition day.

 photo 1947996_10202939056293509_439888057_n.jpg

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The Kids And Us On Saturday

 photo f54a1903-ce1d-413d-aaf4-d37612a96f04_zps23ad285f.jpg

My friend and I supposed to see each other last Thursday but I did not pursue it because I was so tired from work and I need to fetch Mj yet in Kumon but today when I messaged her if where she is  she told that she and her kids are in the mall. So since Mj missed her friends as well, we went to the mall immediately to meet them. I saw them at one of the store picking some things up for the kids; Mj right away hugged her friends and giggles. It has been a while since they didn’t see each other.

 photo 923136_505837732813339_1903258435_n_zps3c5685c0.jpg

Right after they went shopping, we roamed around a little while the kids had fun in the World of Fun, and then we went to Zabadani to have our dinner. We ended up talking and eating around 8:00 in the night already. We went home so full and happy.

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I Gave In For Our Little Bonding

Faith was whining when she learned that I will go out to pay my bills, she even asked my sister when she was in the bathroom taking a bath, are they staying? My sister jokingly answered, oh they already went out. Then that was the start of her bugging me that she wanted to go out with me, she didn’t stopped until I gave in. So after I sent Mj to the school for their graduation practice again, Faith and I went to the mall together. It was nice because she didn’t choose the carousel this time but the train, oh well after I paid the Internet and the Sky Cable, she wanted to ride before I paid those but I told her that she has to wait and then she obeyed. After we enjoyed riding on the train, we went to MCDonald, to have our snack, she ordered  as usual her favorite spaghetti and chicken and I ordered the burger. I gave her some of my burger and I am glad she ate it because usually she doesn’t like the taste of the burger. This time we just took a jeepney going back and forth, I was happy that she was behave the whole time, I went home tired so I went to bed and took a nap while she watched her favorite program in Disney Junior.

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Her Birthday Was Perfect With These Two Male Celebrities

I really could tell that my eldest daughter is a teenager now because she giggled a lot when we saw Jake Cuenca and Slater Young at the Apo View Hotel before her birthday. Jake and Slater are two male celebrities from Manila who visited Davao for a mall show. They stayed at the Apo View Hotel for I guess a night or two and it was a right timing because we visited Apo View Hotel during that time to pre celebrates the birthday of Mj. When they arrived at the hotel from the mall show, they headed to the restaurant immediately where we dined. My niece and daughter had a good opportunity to take a picture with them inside the restaurant.

 photo 312494_10200101536477287_848571171_n_zpsf750b6b2.jpg

My niece and daughter could not wait at all for Slater to get his foods in Buffet table, good thing Slater Young was so kind to project with them. Thanks to you Slater.

 photo jake_zpse5feebed.jpg

Mj even told me her birthday was complete and perfect even though we did not host a party for her.

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