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Three Best Ways to Get Rid of Turkey Neck

Do you find yourself stretching your neck just a little higher when taking pictures with loved ones because you don’t want anyone to see your turkey neck? While this term may sound funny to some, others know that it is a serious problem that can affect their self-esteem. As you age, you stop producing as much collagen as you did in your early years, which makes your skin look saggy. This can make your neck look more like the neck of a turkey than of a human. Before you start avoiding cameras and wearing scarves all the time, find out how you can get rid of that turkey neck.

Laser Treatment

If you tried home remedies in the past and still have a turkey neck, you might consider talking to a doctor about a laser treatment. The doctor will turn on a laser and direct the beam to your neck, which helps smooth out the surface of your skin. This eliminates the bumps and other problems you notice on the surface and can make the skin on your neck look both tighter and younger.

Creams and Lotions

While a laser treatment can change the look of your neck, lasers really only remove the problem spots on the surface. As you keep aging, you’ll find that your skin keeps sagging and that the effects of the laser will eventually wear off. Using the best turkey neck cream helps you fight back and stop the signs of aging from spreading to your neck. These creams contain ingredients designed to improve the look and texture of your skin and ingredients that will encourage your body to produce more collagen and to send that collagen to your neck. Many women find that using a good cream with a laser treatment completely removed the problem spots on their necks.

Neck Lift

One of the best options for those who tried other treatments and remedies in the past is a neck lift. While insurance usually won’t cover the procedure, most offices offer financing programs for those who need help paying for the surgery. The doctor will make a small incision behind each ear, lift the skin along your neck, remove any fatty deposits inside and tighten the muscles underneath your skin. You’ll recovery in 14 days or less and notice no visible scars. These remedies are all possible solutions to the turkey neck that you see when looking in the mirror.

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Beauty Spa In Your Own Kitchen

Do you think that you can’t have your own spa in your own home. You are wrong, because you can get to mix some ingredients from your kitchen to come up with some beauty regimen.

Brown Sugar + Olive Oil = will be for exfoliating sugar scrub. Saturate about a cup of brown sugar with olive oil to make a sugar scrub. Exfoliate with it in the shower before your finale rinse. The brown sugar very gently sloughs away dead skin cells, giving way to the olive oil to moisture your skin. The softness you’ll get is incredible, we’ve yet t try a store bought scrub top beat it. Just make sure that you don’t make a mess in the shower. Down the drain it all must go.

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Natural Beauty With No Makeup

If you want to look young, whenever you have a chance not to wear make-up then grab it. We are naturally beautiful; make up should only be applied to enhance your beauty.

Try to avoid cleanser in the morning. This might not gonna work with most of you but it could work for some. As long as you can just wash your face with water.

If your face feature is strong and you have deep eyes, then avoid the on fleek eyebrows, just use a little bit of pencil just to fill in the sparse areas. If you follow the trend of having the eyebrows fuller and more on fleek, it will just be too much.

Apply Mascara. It can help you being transparent and show your emotions. So when you do selfie, your eyes would do the trick. Smile with your eyes for you to look more blooming.

Concealer. When you don’t get sleep, concealer can be a lot of help to hide your puffy eyes. Apply concealer under your eye. It really makes a difference.


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To Make Your Lips Pout

I wore lipstick and I just simply wore it. I won’t do anything to make it unique from others or to achieve things that would make you more impressive.

There are women out there who would do anything to make their lips looks more pout. When I said anything that includes already injections and fillers, but don’t you know that it is just a matter of shade and strokes to achieve the voluminous lips?

You can try to apply peppermint oil. Peppermint oil has this relaxing effect to your nerves thus help your lips to increase the pout. This irritates the lips a bit that make it swell or did I say voluptuous lips. But you don’t have to worry because; it won’t cause serious harm to your lips.

Try the red peppers too, it has capsicum oil that can help to flow the blood circulation thoroughly. When you apply the red pepper the oil that was mentioned will serve as plumping serum.

This one is natural; it has something to do with how you put it. Put a highlighter to the cupid’s bow of your lips, then apply a little amount of lip balm in the center of the bottom part of the like, this should   look gleam to your lips. The scintillate balm when it is reflected to the light, it will appear as being bigger than they are.


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