Good Job Faith!

If Faith won’t sleep yet before sister Merlyn has to go home, she always asks Faith to accompany her to the gate so she could give the key to my daughter. We always locked the gate whenever sister Merlyn has to go home to secure us from intruders. Faith was so good to follow her commands and when she comes back inside our house, she would give me the keys that my sister gave her.

Here’s Faith waiting for her Aunt to give her the keys, she noticed that I took her a picture so she tried to pose for a moment and smiled at the camera.

Now my little Faith is ready to give me the keys so I could put it inside our bedroom. Good job little Girl!
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Bag Shopping

It was last month, during my birthday after I purchased something for me, my baby Faith was also busy with shopping some bags, lol nope, she was not shopping she actually grabbing those bags and wanted to take it home.

My baby is growing up so fast, she could relate to us now because she could utter some words perfectly already so it is easy for us to understand her, she is such a sweet girl too although there are times that she is so demanding and trying to manipulate all the things she want but she is such a cute baby when she said “Mama oi

Terry, on the other hand wanted Faith to speak in English and asked me to do so for her to understand her Daddy, don’t get me wrong I am talking to her in English sometimes but what can I do to train her that much while her surrounding speaks in our native language all the time. So I guess Daddy have to sway with the flow and should learn how to speak our native tongue, hahaha!

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