The Buckle Says A Lot

In today’s society, fashion says so much. Many people are intrigued by shoes, sneakers, purses, and much more. One of the newest fashion trends is belt buckles. People are wearing belt buckles that show their personality, their style, and even what they love about life. However, it is important that the belt buckle you get comes from a great manufacturer. There are many belt buckles that do not last longer than a week, and this usually because of bad quality. Sadly, usually, these are the belt buckles with the coolest designs.

Many Places To Shop

Since belt buckles are becoming more popular, there are more stores and online corporations that are selling them. One of the most famous online stores is Gavere Leather, which specializes in personalized belt buckles. This is one of the only places where customers can purchase a belt buckle that comes in three or even four parts. Majority of their belt buckles are themed towards hunting and the woods, but they also have belt buckles with national flags on them and more. Additionally, as it was noted that the company does support personalized belt buckles, so customers can contact the company and ask for a specific design. The individuals working for this company are extremely skilled at their job, and they have already proven they can develop any type of belt buckle imaginable.

Look Around Your Area

In addition to contacting online companies and companies far away, you should search in your local area. Small shops and shopping malls are known for having belt buckles that are custom made. Certain department stores may also have a selection of custom-made belt buckles for sale. Searching through your local area might be one of the cheapest ways to find this product.

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And That’s What I Wanted

I thought to just leave it to my manita/manito of what gifts they could give me but I changed my mind, I posted what I wanted. I went to the mall and checked what things I’d like have on our Christmas party. And I choose the lipstick from Revlon. I posted it right away to our board.

I didn’t know that it was one of my friends who picked my name. Good thing during my leave, he asked my friends on the floor to go with him to check that lipstick from Revlon. They purchased it right away; the lipstick has a free nail polish, which I also like very much

So the gift I received was the one I wanted on Christmas, thank you my Manito for completing my wish list.

 photo 16002731_10211255896889326_3694010283308894391_n_zpsyxrgtw2t.jpg

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3 Jewelry Accessories Still in Style

An outfit is rarely complete without at least one accessory, especially when an outfit is one color and the clothing consists of no adornments. Whether that accessory is a dazzling pair of shoes, a shiny purse or a stunning piece of jewelry, one should always accessorize. Jewelry is a popular accessory option because it helps illuminate your face, neck or hands. When you are not sure what embellishments will compliment your outfit, consider viewing a collection like sedona jewelry. Knowing your options may help you make a confident decision.

Here are three jewelry accessories still in style.


A necklace is a great way to accent a neckline and neck. A necklace works best with an outfit that leaves your neck area bare, but the reality is that there are no rules, especially since necklaces are available in a variety of styles. A necklace with a pendant can work well with a crew neck while a necklace with a single hanging column will look striking when paired with a plunging neckline. Bolder necklaces that are designed to make a statement can be worn with sweetheart and square necklines while chokers can be worn with all neckline styles.


A pair of earrings is a beautiful accessory choice that is not necessarily dependent on the neckline you are wearing. The length of chandelier earrings may be most appreciated with a strapless top or dress, but they work equally well with a jewel or crew neck. Hoop earrings may be the simplest type of earring made and become increasingly adorned from there. Studs, cubes and medallions are among the more modest shapes, but for an occasion when you would like to a little daring, consider ornate hoops, cluster studs or embellished squares.


A bracelet is the jewelry piece that will adorn your wrist. Bracelets, like necklaces and earrings, are available in extremely simple designs and become more decorated from there. A delicate single strand tennis bracelet, for example, will elegantly dangle from your wrist, or you can opt for a more glitzy style that includes beads or charms. Cuff bracelets are a popular option, too, because they create a bold look and double as creative arm pieces, too.

Jewelry pieces, even in their simplest form, are an outstanding accessory choice. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets are stylish options that are available in an array of designs.

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Look Good In My Outfit

I love wearing fashion bangles and necklaces. But some of them are lost, and I could not find it at all. And right now I am looking for a pendant that fits my necklace. Yeah my necklace doesn’t have pendant and I don’t like it. It’s boring and so bare. I need a pendant and I need something that looks like or in a second thought exactly with Joy Jewelers fireman necklace, they are absolutely so cute and adorable. I could not wait to have one at least this summer. This one looks good with outfit when I am working.

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