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Ideas For Your Trick Or Treat Costumes

It is almost Halloween, I am sure you are thinking how to be spooky and be spookiest during the trick and treat. Shopping for costumes in the mall can be easy peasy but if you will shop today when Halloween is fast approaching, I am sure all of those costumes can be so much expensive and mind you, it is not creative too. Broad your imagination with Halloween costumes and do it your own, I tell you it can be even spookier or even the spookiest. You can be inspired with TV commercials, or flipped your books I am sure there are ideas that you would not expect it is there. Avoid the malls, those costumes are already overused, yes princesses or Dracula’s costumes can be popular but admittedly they are already so common, everyone in the society is wearing those during trick or treat. You can browse online for some ideas too, you can enhance when you found one so you don’t have doppelgangers to be encounter in the street.

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New Pink Pouch From VS

 photo IMG_0097_zps94d8e4b3.jpg


Just recently I went to my friend’s shop to supposedly pick up the helper. When I got there, my friend offered me right away her new stocks and of the new stocks are this. A cute pouch with pink color of Victoria Secret, this pouch is for putting makeups so your kit will not be mess up inside your bag.

And what I love most for this bag is the zipper holder, it is wings of an angel!

 photo IMG_0098_zps14addfc7.jpg

And presenting my new makeup pouch!

 photo IMG_0099_zpsf4e71e3b.jpg

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A Worthy Activity

Are you bored with same routine everyday why not look for a social cause that you would like. For an instant if you love kids then help kids who are orphans, you are not only helping but you were able to interact with them while enjoying what you are doing.

Don’t take the volunteerism as work, volunteering does not mean you have to quit your job because of the commitment you tie with what you are volunteering about. You can do it on weekends or day offs.

Tell your friends about your activity and have them involved. But don’t insist them, just tell them about the organization you are busied on weekends and tell them about the cause. I am sure they will come to understand and would volunteer themselves too.

The nature of your volunteer should be with what your skill set. Volunteering can be a great of help when your business or job requires interaction with people from all walks of life. I tell you, it will teach you more to be more flexible. If you love teaching kids, then ask for an assignment that has to do with teaching. You are not only having fun but you are helping to those kids who needs love and care.

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Sale In The Mall From October 17 to 19

I went to the mall today, I am so surprised that the gate 1 was closed I have to go further to reach the gate 2 upon entering the gate. I asked the guard about the gate 1 and the guard said that it was closed because the parking area is already full. And so I conclude, it has many shoppers today, I noticed the banner of the mall and it says that they have a mall wide sale from October 17, 18, and 19. I am sure if my eldest daughter was with me, she will not let the chance skip away, she would check if the guitars and accessories are on sale too. Oh well, I would suggest she should check the online for more accessories, I heard a lot about Musicians friend durability when it comes to music instrument and accessories. It is already proven and you can Learn more about us at, if you want to know more about accessories, cables and the likes.

Anyway, I called my friend to check if she inside the mall and she is! So we agreed to meet and eat, I planned to check some items like a pair of jeans but she invited me for  lunch and since I already took my lunch I just ordered “Halo 2x” and because I forgot to take a picture, I don’t have some pictures of us. The mall is jam-packed with people and since I am in a hurry to fetch Faith I was not able to shop for my birthday. Sigh!

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