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They Reminded Me Of Them

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Just like last year some of my niece friends in high school went to the house to celebrate Christmas with us. They don’t arrive like 12 midnight but at least passed 12 in the morning, they are here and mostly they spent the whole night here. They will get home at around 6 in the morning.

This Christmas two of them went here at past 1 in the morning. After eating, they went outside to chat and have fun, my daughter and I just stayed in the living room to sing karaoke. When we could not help to wide our eyes open, we call it a night right away.

The next day, one of Mariel’s classmates went here for a visit too, she is the girl in the picture with my niece, and their friendship lasted for many years already. It is her first time to visit the house; she was not able to visit the house that we rented before. How I wish to have a reunion with my high school friends, they reminded me of them.

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Reinvent Your Look

Apply your face an exfoliating facial soap for you to get away the dead skin cells and the dirt build up. After doing so, you may get the new and soft skin. Having fresh skin is a great canvas for a certain look you want to carry.

Concealer will be your best friend to cover wrinkles or dark circle in your eyes. You can brighten your face easily with concealer. Wearing concealer, the shade will help you look younger.

You may change the shade of your lipstick, you can try dark bold lip colors or if you are used to dark colors then try the lighter one to tone down your look, lighty tinted lip balm can do.

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When You Reach 40

When you reach 40 years old, this is the time that the effects of exposing yourself in the sun during your youth. Red spots in your skin will appear when you reach 40. The decrease of the collagen is also noticeable at this age, your skin will get sag and retaining of the moisture will also become a problem and as your skin is showing this damage, you would also lose the glow that you had once when you were still young.

Even though it is hard to make time of yourself to sleep but you have to know that sleeping is very important and you have to sleep 7 to 8 hours every night, because it repairs the skin itself. You can also use a day cream that contains SPF 15 to 30 and use moisturizer with peptides and coenzyme Q10, these two can pump up skin resiliency.

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Skin According To Your Age

When you are about on your 30’s (just like me) the collagen is starting to produce little by little and skin cell turnover giving you enough fair and thinner skin. In this age you will notice fine lines and your wrinkles will start to show up. So for a solution, one should be diligent to use the sunscreen or SPF infused to protect their skin from the heat of the sun, which contains free radicals that will attack skin. You may use a moisturizer that has vitamin C and green tea, those are antioxidants that would help you too from free radicals.

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