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Looking for Comfortable Shirts for Work?

While some people are lucky enough to wear jeans and tee shirts to work every day, others need to dress more professionally. The problem with many dress shirts is that those shirts just don’t feel comfortable. Between the commute to and from work and the long hours you spend sitting behind your desk, you might feel more like you’re in a straitjacket than a long sleeve shirt. Here at Garff Shirts, we specialize in professional shirts that still feel comfortable.

What Do You Need for Work?

Regardless of what type of clothing you need for work, we have you covered. When you browse the website, you’ll see long sleeve button up shirts, polo shirts, pilot shirts and even tee shirts. These designs come from some of the top clothing designers, including IZOD and Calvin Klein. You’ll also find a range of more casual clothing from Fruit of the Loom and other companies. These simple polo shirts and tees will hold their shape nicely, even after multiple trips through the washing machine.

Contact Us Today

While we make it easy for our customers to find the products that they want, we also know that you might have a few questions before placing an order. With our contact form, you can get answers to your questions in a few short hours. Give us your email address, name and phone number. Let us know what questions or comments you have, and we’ll give you a call back or a fast response at the email address you listed.

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Was That A Compliment?

One day I tried to wear a dress, I went to Global Pinoy for me to do something in my blog when a lady noticed me she told me that she didn’t recognize me at first because I was wearing a dress. She even told me that I look great in wearing dress than wearing dress. I just smiled at her, I was thinking, was that even a compliment or an insult? I know I don’t have great legs to flaunt it but I sure hurt what she said, not really hurt but I was like okay I will not gonna wear shorts again. So even I will just go to the pool, I don’t wear shorts anymore I always wear pants now. But there is one big problem; I need to buy a pair of jeans. Ooops I have to wait then because I really don’t have any budget for now.

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Waiting For Her For The Right Decision

I guess none of my sisters knew how to play guitar, even within my family, until now. Even Mj is a girl, it doesn’t stop her to learn and play her guitar. In fact because of strumming her guitar, she passed the audition in Glee Club and she could not content her happiness when she learned about it. It is her ultimate dream to be able to be one of the members of the Glee Club. I guess, there were two of them who passed, but the thing is the other one does not have a guitar yet, her guitar was busted the last time she used it. So they tried to search online which one is the best for shopping a guitar, they were able to bump in to Musicians friend, her classmate asked Mj about it and my daughter answered that there is one person who is reliable enough when it comes to shopping online, she tag them along upon going home and introduced me to them. I have given them some points and do’s and don’ts when you have to purchase online. So far, it seems like she is really thinking about it. Thus, we need to wait for the right decision.

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And I Am Tired, So Much Tired

There are times in my life that I want to give up, there are times also that, how I wish I could resign, resign from being a mom perhaps? Or being a wife. I need sometime for myself to think and to re-think. I really hate lying. I always know when someone lies, even one would deny it. I maybe quiet about it but don’t be so sure that you already fooled me because I knew. I guess woman has this strong instinct and they can tell who’s telling the truth or not and in my case, I know so well.

It sinks in to me now, as to why. I can forgive but never forget. It feels like I am not trustworthy because you have to lie to me. And I am so much tired. I don’t know what to do anymore, I knew you are there but I feel like I am alone in this journey. I am totally alone because you just left me. And I am tired, so much tired.

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