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Her Jansport Bag

Just last Thursday, a friend surprised me in the mall and handed me this bag. This bag is her birthday present to Mj and Mj was so delighted to have it. I told her to use the bag in the opening of the next school year but she can’t wait any longer and too excited so the moment she received it she used it right away. This is the bag that she had been wishing to have, the Jansport bag.

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As A Mother, As A Wife

It is raining cats and dogs here since this morning and so I just skipped this day to send Faith to school. I realized later it is the day of mourning for the fallen 44 SAF member. I felt very sad of what happen to all SAF members, it is really looked like they were pawned and they were left in the air. The rescue operation took so long to back up them. As a mother, as a wife I felt for their loss. I mean you could only think of their fear to die in the battle, however because they would like to serve the country they face it with bravery. I could only imagine whom they called in their last breath, their mother, their wife or children. They just embraced it because they are nowhere to go; they just embraced it because there is no one to turn to. Their leader is just out of nowhere and maybe could not reach out. SAF husband should have a strong wife and they are. They don’t have a choice but to understand their husband’s mission but the government should also understand that the fallen 44 should be given justice, so the mothers, the wives and their children could feel their sacrifixxces is all worth it. It is not easy to be a wife of a soldier; there are always worries and fear whenever their husband would go out in the house to do their job. They do not know if they could still hug them in the end of the day. Justice for their husband or son is what they are seeking and I hope our government should not only listen but act on it otherwise their sacrifices will just be a waste.

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Chris Brown’s On-Again, Off-Again Girlfriend Karrueche is in His Newest Music Video

If you’re interested in entertainment news, then you’ve likely heard about the love triangle of Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Karrueche Tran. Brown and Tran have been on-again, off-again for several months and their latest romantic status always seems to make the headlines. The newest update is that Tran is starring in Brown’s music video for “Autumn Leaves.” For entertainment-lovers, this is the perfect time to see the real-life couple in action… are they acting or aren’t they? You decide.

The single “Autumn Leaves” is off of Brown’s 2014 album “X.” Brown’s real-life leading lady is also his leading lady in the music video, which may leave some fans scratching their heads – are they dating again? Either way, the video has a cool samurai-meets-”Star Wars” theme. Brown’s samurai warrior has fallen in love with Tran’s character (who happens to be wearing Princess Leia-esque buns). Though the two characters don’t interact much throughout the video, they do wind up coming together in the end. As of now, it’s unclear if the music video is about Brown’s actual up and down relationship with Tran, but the lyrics seem to signify that it is.

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Philippines Made It To The Top 15

Miss Universe is live now in Star World and of course I won’t let this slip this opportunity away. When I learned that the Miss Universe is live in Start World I turned my TV on right away. Miss Philippines is now included in top 15, she is the second one was called, I am crossing my fingers that she could also be included in top 10 and 5, and I hope she would also have  a remarkable answer that everyone will never forget. Her gown was okay although yes I am convinced that it was like a festive cake but come on she carried it with all grace and very lovely. Go Philippines, win the crown!

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