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From Last December To March

In my previous post, I mentioned that I may have to resign from work but how can I; since every month I spent beyond my usual budget. And it started last December, obviously it was Christmas and New Year so I have to spend more because of the celebration, gifts and all of that stuff and oh I should not forget the car expenses.

If you think this January, I can rest from spending more, you are wrong because I have to spend to have our tiles at home repair. And not only that I bought new tiles in replace to those tiles that got cracked. I thought I can only spend about P10, 000 .00 but nope it was more than that. On the other hand, I just compliment myself; at least I’ve done something good to our house. One project was finally accomplished.

Mj’s birthday was celebrated yesterday and I have to spend my salary for that plus Faith’s tuition fee is waiting. Oh well the party went good, we have more foods left in the freezer. Is it a compliment, I am trying to convince myself it is!

February is fast approaching; yesterday I went to Gigz Unlimited to make reservation for Faith’s birthday. This is another expense, good thing I have some task to do here that I can use for her birthday. Hopefully I will spend within the budget.

March uh uh it is my niece Graduation in college. At last, you can imagine how excited I am but not with the expenses that I will incur on the day she will graduate. I’ve already paid the solicitation for their graduation; she decided not to distribute the solicitation because it is too late already. The deadline is just a week so it’s going to useless if she will have to distribute those.

April, hopefully I can already file a resignation so I will start doing home base job.

I have a roller coaster ride with being a career Mom and not all of them is fun, there are times that I really want to give up but if I will give up now. What will happen to them? Where will I get more funds to support them. I know I am nearly giving up but I know I still have more strength to fight! So fight, fight, fight!

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Should I?

From 20 plus, now we are nearly 10 in our wave, slowly some of my wave mates resigned, some were transferred team. Me, I don’t know hwy I lasted for almost a year now. Maybe I enjoyed it? Or maybe I don’t have a choice? I mean I have a choice since this work is so much stressful, however maybe I slowly liking it because if I am not I don’t last this long. I don’t know until when I’ll stay maybe if my score will get a good result then I can still last until March but let’s see. Ill grab anything that it can offer, since for now I need more extra so I can put extension to my house.

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Ideas For Business Gift Baskets

As the holidays get closer, you are trying to figure out a unique gift that you can offer to your best customers. You should consider giving holiday corporate gift baskets, because they give you the chance to create a personalized gift that your customer will appreciate. You can use a variety of inspirational sources to determine what to put in your gift baskets, and you should always consider using your own products as gifts.

Promotional Gift Baskets

When customers see a gift basket, they are already impressed at the sentiment that goes along with creating one. If you have a variety of promotional items you give out to clients, then you can combine the better promotional items into gift baskets that will be big hits with your customers. Everything from pens to desk calendars will work when it comes to creating the perfect holiday gifts for your clients.

Gift Cards

Many companies like to give gift cards for their own products and for service companies in the area to their clients. For your bigger clients, you can gather up a collection of gift cards and put them into a gift basket that will make quite an impact. Be sure to include cards from the more popular restaurants and entertainment venues in your area to give your gift basket a larger appeal.


If you know that your customer has a sweet tooth, then a gift basket made of cookies, candies and other sweets is definitely going to make a positive impression. Sweets gift baskets are also good for giving to entire offices full of people that would have to share the gift. You could include some coffee or cocoa with your sweets to give everyone a full taste experience.

Wine And Cheese

Sometimes the oldest answers to gift questions are still the best answers. Wine and cheese gift baskets have been popular for decades, and there is no reason to think that your customer would not appreciate one. A wine and cheese basket with an international theme to it is something that your customer is sure to appreciate.

During the holidays, you want your gifts to your clients to stand out from your competition. The act of giving personalized gift baskets as holiday gifts will help you to make a lasting positive impression on all of your clients.

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She Will Shine More

I think you are already aware that I am so much with this celebrity. I am already a fan on her first movie Diary ng Panget, it went stronger when they first air their RomCom series On The Wings of Love. I am a mother of two but I couldn’t liking her. I adore her simplicity and her being family oriented. I always tell my teenager daughter about her, my daughter even jokingly told me that maybe she was my younger sister on a different life because this is my first time to be so serious of becoming a fan. I always followed all her interviews and even buy magazines in which she is on the cover. I first bought Star Studio Magazine last month

 photo 12347583_10207673734577507_3203758295549907407_n_zpsg68qxg4j.jpg

I also bought their On The Wings Scrapbook, which I will feature on my other blog. See how I addicted with her? Oh well so much. Whenever I see her on TV, it feels like I am younger than my age, she brings me good vibes even at work. I would always sing their song “On the wings of Love”. I wanted to quit working but she inspires me to work, yeah she is so workaholic and  her family inspires her of what she is doing right now.

Here’s the magazine I just bought this month, which of course Nadine Lustre is the cover.

 photo 12495160_10207886318331968_6949846521911187024_n_zps5viw6cgq.jpg

She will shine more this year. I know she will.

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