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How To Compress A Video Using Movavi

Everyone has a movie or two that they love. Now imagine if you have to delete it because of its file size. Nobody wants that. If a video file takes up a lot of space on the hard drive or if it no longer fits into the memory card of your portable device, you will feel the need to make it compressed. Often video compression comes with loss of video quality. Surely you don’t want that.

Many people like to see the films on their smartphone, tablet or multimedia players. To do so, you will have to find an alternate solution with which you can compress the size of the video as the data already stored is limited. On top of that, if you want to watch the video on a portable device, you will have to transfer it to a format supported by the device.

Other than watching the films on mobile devices, you need to compress them for another reason: to upload then on the web. Most of the online sites limit the size of video you can upload and the format in which the video has to be. The following tutorial will explain in detail about how to compress a video.

The best and easy way is to download and install the best video compression software there is. That is, the Movavi Video Converter from its official website. The software has abilities to compress DVDs into different formats like MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, MPEG and many more depending on which format you need. To use this software, you do not need to be well versed in video engineering. You can even convert the HD movies to play on your mobile or to upload on the web. The software has many conversion presets mostly for mobiles and websites.

Follow the simple steps to compress a video:

Step 1: Add a Video File

Click on the Add Video button to add the file. Choose the file from the open file dialog box and then click on Open.

 photo 1n_zps77037603.png

Step 2: Choose the Format

Now, choose the format you desire for your video from the list of presets given. Use the search function to do this faster and choose the format you need. Now, choose the folder where you want the output to be stored by clicking on the Browse button and then selecting the Destination File. If you do not do this, the file will be automatically saved into the C drive of your PC.

 photo 2n_zps4fa8dac2.png

Step 3: give the Compression Rate

Now return to where the source file was and click on the size value on the Output column. A new dialog box opens. Drag the slider to choose the file size and bitrate as per your wish. Click on Apply.

 photo 3n_zpsead8d33e.png

Step 4: Start the Video Compression

Press the Convert button to start the process of compression. When the compression is all done, the folder having the converted file will open all by itself.

 photo 4n_zps512ad5cc.png

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Express Yourself

Express yourself through the prints of the t-shirt you are wearing has been already a trend nowadays. It could be political, musical or social affiliation of the person for the world to see. Personalize prints of your t-shirts is already a walking billboard, what prints in your t-shirt invariably inspires a reaction. If you buy a t-shirt that has a personalize prints mindfully choose a print that is not so sensitive to avoid issues and the like, remember that incident in one of the malls, they displayed this graphics in those t-shirt and it became viral because of the very sensual print that is already very insulting especially to the victims. Pick a print that could make a person react positively, promotes our culture and urban lifestyle. Wearing t-shirt could be more fashionable when it has personalize prints on it, in which could reflect your personality so choose wisely.

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A Recognition For My Girl

 photo IMG_0130_zps77ae9915.jpg

When I visited the school of my eldest daughter, I noticed that the tarpaulin for cheer dancers was posted. I was like good for them but I wondered why my eldest and her team mate last DACS was not even recognized. When I went out with my eldest, she was also wondering where was the recognition posted, but she told me her teacher told her that their tarpaulin is already posted. Of course how can we notice it right away while the tarpaulin was posted not near the gate where the entrance is located it is posted on the fence in front of the road. I sent Mj near the tarpaulin right away and took a picture of it.

Even she was not qualified for DCAA I am still thankful that she was in the 3rd place for Breaststroke. Congrats Mj!

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Clothing Style

When you shop for clothes approach a shop that is updated to its pieces, they must have anything like Sass for the pretty boho, Fate style for those revealing women. They should have also for those who are jetsetter, and flirtatious and for those who are naughty and nice. I tell you they are more appealing when they are fashionably designed. I am sure you can find shops that are on trend picks, especially when holiday season is fast approaching you have to find shops that have everything store for you. You know when holiday season comes expect of getting busy attending parties. So go now and fill up with mouthwatering styles in the shop.

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