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Victoria Secrets Perfumes And Liquid Lipstick

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Last week, I went to my friend’s bake shop to supposedly pick the helper, but she showed me some of her stocks; all of it is Victoria Secret, real ones. I got tempted and so I had one of the perfumes, picture above and a liquid lipstick. The payment is installment basis, so I will have to pay this by next month.

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But if you want an authenticated Victoria Secret, really direct from the US you can contact me for the prices and what cologne or perfumes you want.

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To Make You Look Younger

The world we live in now is far different from the world we live before. Pollution and environmental stress is just around us. It could even affect our health and even to our skin. We can get stress not only with the environment changing but also with our career, managing our homes and our families. Stress can be intense and with our old fashion remedy in dealing with it won’t work anymore. Moreover, whitening creams are not just enough. To have clear, bright and vibrant skin can be achieved when the creams that you are using can handle your skin woes. Stress can be the result of skin discoloration, and wrinkles to aging. So to stop aging, never skip to use Sunblock, it is to minimize the harmful UV rays. Whitening can also help you from aging as it would make your skin tone out and decrease the signs of existing damage.

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Ideas For Your Trick Or Treat Costumes

It is almost Halloween, I am sure you are thinking how to be spooky and be spookiest during the trick and treat. Shopping for costumes in the mall can be easy peasy but if you will shop today when Halloween is fast approaching, I am sure all of those costumes can be so much expensive and mind you, it is not creative too. Broad your imagination with Halloween costumes and do it your own, I tell you it can be even spookier or even the spookiest. You can be inspired with TV commercials, or flipped your books I am sure there are ideas that you would not expect it is there. Avoid the malls, those costumes are already overused, yes princesses or Dracula’s costumes can be popular but admittedly they are already so common, everyone in the society is wearing those during trick or treat. You can browse online for some ideas too, you can enhance when you found one so you don’t have doppelgangers to be encounter in the street.

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New Pink Pouch From VS

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Just recently I went to my friend’s shop to supposedly pick up the helper. When I got there, my friend offered me right away her new stocks and of the new stocks are this. A cute pouch with pink color of Victoria Secret, this pouch is for putting makeups so your kit will not be mess up inside your bag.

And what I love most for this bag is the zipper holder, it is wings of an angel!

 photo IMG_0098_zps14addfc7.jpg

And presenting my new makeup pouch!

 photo IMG_0099_zpsf4e71e3b.jpg

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