The Backbone In The Family

I always salute those Mom who works really hard while taking good care of their kids at home. It is hard, I’d been in the same situation before that sometimes I felt very exhausted. I wanted to stop working but I can’t since we have this huge bill we need to settle. Oh well good thing that was already over, we paid it before that year ends otherwise there will be interest again to be added the next month.

So to those Mom who was able to make their career progress and did not ever make their family behind, I would say congratulations. It must be a topsy-turvy ride. Kudos more to those single Mom out there, who takes two roles at the same time. See, it is already hard taking everything to work with our husband always there with us but to a single mom, they have to be the one to take good care of everything without any husband to lean on at all. No one would be able to be there for them to weigh everything when the other part is already a burden to carry. You are indeed the backbone of the family, congratulations and may you have more strength to carry on.

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