A Great Deal For 1980’s Trend

We actually don’t have budget for anything extra today but my eldest daughter needs something to wear tonight. Today is their acquaintance party and they have to wear 1980’s fashion. Good thing she was able to realize that we can find it at the Roxas Night Market, they sell ukay 2x and there’s a big chance that we can find something right there suit for 1980’s fashion. Mj knows what she wants, in fact she’s expert in fashion and how to do on flick eyebrows. Teenagers nowadays are really different from what we were before; when I was her age I don’t even know how to shape my eye brows. Mj said that I only have to draw it but for goodness sake I don’t even know how to draw a simple fish, lol.

On the other hand, she was able to find what she likes to wear tonight, it has a touch of 1980’s trend plus she can use the clothes she bought during normal days at school, so she is hitting 2 birds at the same time. I actually save some because the jeans cost only P 80. 00 and the t- shirt cost only P 10. 00. It is indeed a great deal!

When we went home, she washed the clothes right away and hangs it with the fan in front so it will dry, the next day before going to school.

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