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Shipping Fee Is Expensive

See, I am in need of DVI cable for our desktop, I was able to find one but to our disappointment it is actually not the one that is compatible with the desktop. We need to have the Dual Link with 24 pins; I was able to find one in Lazada. The item is not expensive at all but the shipping fee when I tried to process the order. Geez I need to pay P 119.00 for this kind of item. But I don’t have choice we need to have that kind of cable for us to know if that is the real reason why the desktop is not working. I am not fond of ordering online because I am afraid of scams, but you see there are instance that the pictures of the said item is not exactly the way it looks when you received your order. It is most of the time the opposite, worst is the item is damaged. I though trust Lazada; I once tried shopping with them when they gave me voucher codes for shopping to their website. I had that voucher because I had given the chance to review their website. I suddenly miss that kind of offer. Nevertheless, blogging is slowly deteriorating, you could no longer get more offers this time and I don’t want to be a burden for my husband. Moreover, I also want to contribute with the expenses that we incurred each day it won’t level of the amount that he provided to us but at least I can help with my own little way.

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