Wardrobes for 2018 are just so colorful and full of life, from colors to style, you will be jaw dropping. How I wish, I can follow this fashion but of course if you follow the trends, you should have more money to shop. Oh well, I may follow just only one, maybe…

So one of the styles is the Bandeau – Bandeau in French which means strip, a garment or a strip of cloth, the term Bandeau is a cloth wraps on women’s breast, it could also wear as swimwear. In today’s generation Bandeau can now be a top formal wear to match with pants or a skirt. Bandeau is similar to tube top but this one is narrow, it usually doesn’t have strap or sleeveless or off shoulder.

It is usually made of elastic material so to prevent it from slipping down, there is some style that is tied or pinned down in the back or front. Before, Bandeau was a narrow band to bind the hair for women or as part of the head dress.

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