• Movie

    Never Not Love You Nationwide!

    Even though there are so many rumors and speculations that the movie will be cancelled because of some circumstances finally, they are open now in Cinemas nationwide. So Jadines’, don’t fail to watch it today 03/31/2018. #NeverNotLoveYou, showing now!

  • Fashions


    Wardrobes for 2018 are just so colorful and full of life, from colors to style, you will be jaw dropping. How I wish, I can follow this fashion but of course if you follow the trends, you should have more money to shop. Oh well, I may follow just only one, maybe… So one of the┬ástyles is the Bandeau – Bandeau in French which means strip, a garment or a strip of cloth, the term Bandeau is a cloth wraps on women’s breast, it could also wear as swimwear. In today’s generation Bandeau can now be a top formal wear to match with pants or a skirt. Bandeau is similar…

  • Vacation,  Vacation Packages

    Enjoying Your Beach Vacation

    Before your vacation plans are finalized, you need to think about where you will stay. There are usually hotels in most areas where you want to vacation at, but there are also a few benefits of staying in a house that you won’t find with a hotel. When you begin looking at Bald Head Island vacation rentals, you need to think about the number of people who will stay in the home and how much money you have in your budget to spend on your accommodations. Depending on the number of people who are renting the house, it can sometimes be less expensive than staying in a hotel. You have…

  • Dress,  Dresses

    Fairy Dresses Today

    Today, I and Faith will go to the mall to buy her the dresses she needs for their Matinee and Gala to be held on March 17, 2018. Yes, it is only today that I can buy her the costumes because I have schedule it today based on the budget that we had and besides it’s my payout day. We supposed to go out yesterday but I went home late since I needed to get the occupational permit that our company is requiring us to submit on Monday. The line is very long if not for a friend who have a friend inside the building; we may not be able…