My First Jump Suit and The New Wedge

I supposed not to buy a Jump Short last month, what I was planning is  to buy a long jeans but my youngest daughter spilled some water on my jeans  when we rode a Jeepney going to Mj’s school to pay her tuition fee. Faith was holding bottled water, when she accidentally spilled half of it. The front of my jeans got wet that I needed to change right away. We went to the mall right away, good thing that the Jump Short was on sale, so I only bought this for only P 405. 00. And besides this is actually my first Jump Suit.

The wedge sandal was only recently. The wedge that I had been using for one whole year is going to give up any sooner, I don’t want to wait for it to loose while I am using it or walking down the street, I’m telling you I’d been there and it was so hard to walk properly when you know your shoes is not holding still already and the mall is too far away yet.

I had been looking for a new wedge for a week now, and I just can’t find that is at least below P 500. 00. But what I like this wedge is that it is not heavy, you almost feel that you are wearing nothing while using it. What I don’t like is the color because it is white and it gets easy to get marks. But I couldn’t do anything about it because there was no color to choose only that, so I just have to stick to what it is in the picture. I will just to pray not to rain while wearing it.

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