If you think that I don’t have anything to think of any extra expenses at all since the holiday is over, you may wrong about that because it is January and when it’s January expect that I will have another extra expenses this month since Mj will celebrate her birthday soon. Good thing she did not ask for any extravagant this year she just said that I will just lend her money so she can treat her friends. I already told her about my budget and she understands. This is what I am proud about my kids, they don’t ask anything extra. They always thought that everything should be within the budget.

Now, I am dumbfounded since I hand over some money for our car, it has been a while that it was just in our garage, there are still parts we need to buy for it and it’s not so easy in the pocket. And he told me about the cylinder head that cost too much for me. My husband was not able to send me some last Friday because he also paid something that went beyond his budget though I paid Mj’s tuition fee already.

Lord, please help me get through this.

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