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Celebrating My Birthday Last Month

It was last month that I celebrated my birthday and I made sure that this time I will be inviting some friends at home. It was so right because we just finished repairing the kitchen sink and we were able to install some cabinets near the dining area.

I invited some friends at work, I thought all my team mates will be coming but nope, not at all. Some just did not show up but the fun did not stop there because my sister’s friend at church went home to join the party. They offered prayers for me and they sang to me “Happy Birthday” right after.

As usual it was my brother-in-law who cooked, when it terms of cooking specialties, it is him we always depend on. The videoke will not be absent in any occasion, I rented it for less than 1,000 bucks. And I was sure that my friends really had so much fun.

I can’t contain my happiness when I saw some of my team mates came over. They were my new team mates, I was not able to my invite my team mates of my previous work but I will make it up on the next day with some of my closest.

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