I Am Having A Bad Day!

It has been last week that I am calling and checking if one of my Doctor’s clinic is open but geez even the family medicine is not. Oh well, it is holiday, last Friday and Saturday is holiday due to Kadayawan Celebration, and yesterday was the Aquino day.

I was hoping I can see at least one of them today but nope it’s not because when I get to there, they are not open. I went to one of his clinic; the receptionist said they will be open up tomorrow yet. My asthma is getting worst I really need a medicine that is effective. It has been months that my asthma keeps on attacking me. So since my Doctors are not available, I just bought Carbocistine and Salbutamol for me to survive today. I went for grocery shopping then went home.

When I arrived home, I called the secretary from our landline, finally someone is there and she said that I can go there for a checkup but then when I went there at 3 pm as scheduled, she told me that the Doctor just called and said he is having an emergency. Thus, after my effort with all the sweats and smelling those exhaust from cars and jeepneys went to nothing because the Doctor is out. Too bad!


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