7 Items Southpaws Must Possess

In a world filled with products designed for right-handed people, lefties often find themselves struggling to complete tasks that are simple for 90 percent of the population. However, with a vast array of items created specifically with left-handed people in mind, southpaws can finally look forward to doing what must be done with tools geared toward their specific needs.

1. Scissors: Left-handed scissors make it easier to snip the tags from new clothes, cut construction paper with young family members and take care of hundreds of other little jobs both at home and on the job. What once seemed impossible for lefties can now be easily accomplished with scissors created for those in the minority. Left-handed scissors are also available for children; this may make it easier for little ones to learn to cut properly.

2. Notepads: It is nearly impossible for left-handed individuals to write comfortably on standard paper. From the location of watermarks to the fact that most notebooks are bound on the left, finding paper that it suitable for those working from the left is a great idea.

3. Can Openers: Whether lefties are opening a can of cat food, soup or something else, doing the job will be much easier with a can opener created specifically with their needs in mind. While eating canned food daily might be unhealthy, cracking the tin should not be difficult; left-handed can openers can help with this.

4. Athletic Equipment: Ensuring that athletics are safe and fun for everyone on the field is vital, which means that every player needs to use equipment that is the best for their body. While some sports require no adjustments for southpaws, others are nearly impossible without modified gear.

5. Musical Instruments: Left-handed musicians face a host of challenges when it comes to finding guitars or other instruments appropriate for their needs. Instead of struggling to use the right-handed version, musicians in the 10 percent may want to consider buying an instrument made for their needs.

6. Gun Holsters: Whether lefties are police officers or simply want to protect their families, left handed shoulder holsters will make the job easier. After all, drawing a weapon is serious business that should not be impacted by the fumbling that occurs when one uses his or her non-dominant hand.

7. Spoons and Spatulas: Cooking is challenging enough without attempting those awkward motions that come with using right-handed kitchen utensils as a lefty. Instead, check out the spoons and spatulas for left-handed folks.

Using the appropriate tools for any job is important, and items specifically for left-handed people do exist. Available both in stores and online, products for lefties are now readily available.


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