Things That Men Can’t Understand

Men, do you think you already know us women? Well you need to think a lot because you don’t understand why were freaking out when we found out our pressed power is cracked. You know why because even though we still have a whole of it when it is cracked, it will be finished right away.

For us, it is such a relief when we successfully close the lock of our bras in our back.  And you must admit men could not do it only women do.

You may not understand why we need to hold our sneeze when we have our monthly period. You don’t need to get how yucky it is when you forcefully sneeze; oh you don’t want to experience it. Oh well that’s life, life of being a woman is not an easy peasy.

Include the hair on the drainer of your bathroom, a lot of hair stuck there and we don’t get it also, sometimes. When the wind blows so hard, you don’t know the struggle we experienced, the model who have swayed their hair smoothly even if the wind blows that’s not true at all whatever shampoo or conditioner you might be using.


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