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Half For The 2nd Pair

My eldest daughter is  required to wear close black shoes, so even though they do not start to wear one I decided to buy her a pair in advance. We supposed to shop in SM but we decided to buy her a pair of close shoes in Payless. Good thing we went there because we found out that they are on sale, if you are going to buy one pair. The 2nd pair will be half of the price. How I wish to have more than enough of my budget to buy another pair but the money I brought was just enough for one pair, so even though the other pair will be half of the price I still could not afford it? On the other hand this pair is so affordable; it didn’t even reach to P 1,000. 00 I guess this is only almost P 700. 00 so it’s not bad at all right? And most of all Mj like it very much, it is simple, within the requirement and it is comfortable, at least for her. What else can she asked for? The only thing that she needs for now is her uniform because it still didn’t fit her.

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3 Cheap Jeans

Mj will have one week orientation, they are not required to wear a school uniform, it’s a good news to everyone but for her it’s very bad because she only have 2 pairs of jeans. She asked me if I can buy at least 1 pair for her, during my pay, I took her to the mall to buy jeans.  We were looking for something affordable, this is what I like about her because she doesn’t look for any expensive stuffs. She would understand especially when I am in a tight budget. We were roaming around to the budget section to check some stuffs but even the mall has a wide sale, the price is just too high that if we will force to buy it, I can only buy one pair but my daughter wanted to have 3 so she roam more and she found a pair of jean that was cost only like P 300.00, she fit it and she likes it she said it’s very comfortable. We looked for one more pair; the one that she picked has the same price although it’s with a different brand. One more pair with the same price and were good to go plus I can buy 3 pairs of house shorts for Faith.

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When to Use a Cornhole Board

The game of cornhole has continued to be a fun way of spending time outside and competing with other people. Cornhole is an easy game to play for both children and adults at different types of events. When you’re considering purchasing the item, there are a few ways that it can be used in both formal and casual settings.


Cornholes will work as an ice breaker when you want to allow your guests to have a bit of fun during the wedding reception. Lay a cornhole game in a grass area next to the bocce ball and croquet. Consider ordering a cornhole board that features your last name and the colors of your wedding.

Family Reunions

Your family members can bond over a traditional game of cornhole after you serve lunch and spend time outside. Consider purchasing a custom design that features your family’s last name or a family crest. The item can be reused at future reunions and will offer hours of fun that your loved ones can bond over.

Children’s Birthday Parties

Outdoor birthday parties that are hosted in the backyard will allow you to offer a variety of different games to your guests to keep them entertained. You can allow different ages of children to toss the bag into the hole and award prizes that will keep them coming back for more. There are a variety of cornhole styles to choose from to match the theme of the party, which includes NFL cornhole boards or a soccer theme.

The game is also ideal for adult birthday parties where your guests can get competitive and test their skills.

Company Party

Hosting a company party each quarter or year for your employees can reward them for their hard work and will allow them to recharge while having fun in a lively setting. Corn hole is a safe and appropriate game to include that won’t take away from the professionalism of the event. You can have your company’s logo printed on the board to make it stand out or use your business’s colors with the bags that are purchased.

Enhance the quality of your event with a game of cornhole that will encourage your guests to interact and let their hair down. The ease of the game will make it appropriate for all ages and will prove to be an enjoyable pastime.

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