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No Year End Party, Kick Off Party Instead

The year-end party will not going to push through on December 19th, instead they postponed the event sometime on January, now we called it ‘kick off party’  we still have the same theme though. So aside from the clothing I posted here. Our office also gave us some options so if we could not find something like that I posted, we can easily find the Japanese street clothing.

 photo 1-sjUlW51nqQ2W2TZLXq-iqQ_zpswwloxzs5.jpeg

This is the company’s suggestion of a Japanese Street Clothing

But my niece went over online to give me more ideas about the Japanese Street Clothing and she recommended me with the picture below:

 photo 15139554_1121124754675310_824516647_n 1_zpshkv9cqmi.jpeg

Mariel is giving me more options about the theme, I will be posting some more in Anne’s Sweet Life.

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Beauty Spa In Your Own Kitchen

Do you think that you can’t have your own spa in your own home. You are wrong, because you can get to mix some ingredients from your kitchen to come up with some beauty regimen.

Brown Sugar + Olive Oil = will be for exfoliating sugar scrub. Saturate about a cup of brown sugar with olive oil to make a sugar scrub. Exfoliate with it in the shower before your finale rinse. The brown sugar very gently sloughs away dead skin cells, giving way to the olive oil to moisture your skin. The softness you’ll get is incredible, we’ve yet t try a store bought scrub top beat it. Just make sure that you don’t make a mess in the shower. Down the drain it all must go.

More beauty tips in:

Candy Magazine edition September of 2016

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Natural Beauty With No Makeup

If you want to look young, whenever you have a chance not to wear make-up then grab it. We are naturally beautiful; make up should only be applied to enhance your beauty.

Try to avoid cleanser in the morning. This might not gonna work with most of you but it could work for some. As long as you can just wash your face with water.

If your face feature is strong and you have deep eyes, then avoid the on fleek eyebrows, just use a little bit of pencil just to fill in the sparse areas. If you follow the trend of having the eyebrows fuller and more on fleek, it will just be too much.

Apply Mascara. It can help you being transparent and show your emotions. So when you do selfie, your eyes would do the trick. Smile with your eyes for you to look more blooming.

Concealer. When you don’t get sleep, concealer can be a lot of help to hide your puffy eyes. Apply concealer under your eye. It really makes a difference.


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A Dream House

What is a dream house? For most people, it’s a house that offers all the right details, with all the right fixtures, in all the right dimensions. It may be a home that offers those special little features, like a sleeping loft or a great view, that a commercial builder might not think of. Adding on those special details is what planning a great home remodel is all about.

Making a Detailed Plan

Planning is essential when starting a remodel. An experienced contractor can walk a client through all the details that must be thought through in order to have a remodel that goes smoothly. The smart thing about having a well thought through plan (using drawings or 3-d models online) is that it makes it easier to really visualize the home upgrades, and to make changes in the plan when it’s all just in the idea phase.

Finding a Great General Contractor

Working with an experienced general contractor who understands your remodeling goals and how to get there makes all the difference in achieving a remodel that works well and looks fantastic. An experienced contractor will be able to oversee the process from the initial planning phase and walk you through the essential aspects of the job. The contractor will also be able to oversee the work of specialized sub-contractors (like a plumber), to ensure that the whole process is flowing together sucessfully.

One issue on the mind of any homeowner thinking about doing a remodel is that question of finding that great contractor. Where does a homeowner go to find the right person, if they are not professionally involved in construction? This issue used to be daunting, but today there are great resources online, like, that can help you find a great local contractor for your job. This site offers pertinent information about a contractor’s experience and their rates, so you can contact one that seems right for an initial interview.

Today, there’s no reason why a remodel can’t be accomplished successfully. Put your home equity to use and start planning the home of your dreams. When you’re ready to start planning your dream home, check with Learn more here and start building the home of your dreams!

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