My New Reading Eyeglasses

My supervisor told me that they were able to buy an eyeglass cost only P 1,000.00. I was so surprised; imagine they only spend P 1,000.00 for lens and the frame? So the next day I went to the mall in EO to check if they have available eyeglasses cost only P1, 000.00 but when I got there, the least one that I could spend is P1, 989.00, I insisted if they have even less since my supervisor was able to buy lesser that amount. The in-charge told me that they don’t have that package price for frame and lens, even if I would check it with other branch. So I go for the price, I spent P 1,989.00 for my new reading eyeglasses; it is for the computer too. And since I spent too much in front of the computer, I always wear my new reading eyeglasses.

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