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It Can Be A Workout Too

When you are playing with your pet, calories get burned since you will be running and forth in your yard. Spend 30 minutes to 1 hour playing with your pet and it can be a workout too.

Stroll, go stroll. If you are driving you can park the car far away from the entrance of the building you will enter. Spend strolling or walking around in your village; if you are strolling you can burn calories 140 per 30 minutes. Burn off will be a piece of fried chicken less than 30 minutes

Cleaning the house. Obviously, bending and squatting to clean your room or the whole house can burn calories up to 215. It can burn off a chocolate bar in an hour.

Window Shopping. This is because you are walking in the mall, looking for something that you may like. It can burned calories up to 165 per hour. A big mac will burn off in 3 hours.


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