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That Makes You Older

I always was my clothes repeatedly, even though I had it like years ago. I don’t actually care if it is out of fashion or not as long as I am very comfortable with it, which matters always.

Here are some styles that make you older:

Reading Glasses, if you really need to wear them pick little reading eyeglasses that perched on your nose. You don’t need to have a bigger frame if it doesn’t need at all.

Avoid the color gray hair, I understand it’s a trend today but when you are aged you don’t have to follow the trends. I mean gray color can make you even older than your age. I am telling you even though it is the trend, you may look older if you wear them.

Mom jean is totally out of style. Pet leg jean with a high waist is what they called Mom Jean. I know you are already used to it but you need to move on. So quit wearing this, you might be a laughing stock.


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