Prevent Your Skin From Sagging

We want to look young but no matter what it won’t stop our skin to get wrinkled or sag. But don’t worry if we could not stop it at least we can treat it in some way.

Why would our skin get sag when we grow old?

It is because the collagen in our skin will deteriorate. It is natural for collagen and elastin to be weaken we age, but if we are always exposed in the sun the deterioration will get fast as we less expected.

So what are the ways for us to at least prevent our skin from sagging so easy?

Apply moisturizer in your skin especially when you go out in the sun. Be wise with SPF, you have to choose a broad spectrum sunscreen so to help your skin from sagging.

Do not just apply any moisturizer; make sure that it is enriching with Vitamin C and E. And apply it in the morning and at night. Vitamin C and E can help us absorb surface free radicals, without the moisturizer it will lead us to loss collagen and elastin.

If your skin is already saggy, get a moisturizer that has a strong or at least contains peptides and Vitamin B3. This can help to at least minimize the lines of wrinkles.


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