I have this denim blazer before that looks like a jumper when I wear it. It has been like years that I didn’t wear maybe because I can’t see a perfect blouse that can match it. And just Saturday, I gather all my guts to wear it; I matched it with white fitted blouse that my sister gave it to me. And I was glad because it looks like it was matched after all. I felt conscious at first but I got used to it later. , even though I look chubbier but that’s okay because I have denim blazer that can be delusional, you would not notice the fats at all.

On the other hand, I have a tip for you on monochromatic dressing. All of us are aware that tonal layers should take more effort for a win-win style trick. Combinations of whites, pastels, or bright will make you look fresh. Neutrals on the other hand can get you sophisticated. By experimenting with lengths and textures can give you a different joy I am sure though that being creative would interest you after all.

You can layer your clothes with lengths by wearing the dress over denim. This was a trend before and now it is back, it would look even greater if you match it with monastic long-on-long look.


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