Good Thing Phone Number Is Available In Google

I was so excited finally, I can fit the new blouse I bought from the mall, but alas I can’t find it. I roamed around the house but I just couldn’t find that plastic bag where my new blouse was put into. After a thorough check of all my belongings I realized I left it at the counter when I paid some of the things I shopped for my kids.

Our house is too far away from that mall, and I can’t go back at all. Aside as I was so tired driving around; it is already night and probably 1 hour from now the mall is already closed. I searched their phone number in the Internet, good thing they register their phone number in Google. I called the customer service right away, and thank GOD the blouse that I left in the counter was just endorsed and it is ready for me to pick it up tomorrow. You see if they did not register their phone number over the Internet, I can’t call them right away and ask for it.

On the other hand, my eldest daughter is looking for some accessories for her guitar. She was strumming her guitar last night with us in the bedroom but she stopped for a while thinking of that accessories that can make the sounds of her guitar more impressive, I told her to look for it online or find musicians friend phone number so her Dad can call them in the US to ask if they have this particular accessories for her guitar. She searched for it right away and gave me the phone number, this morning I asked my husband to call them for that accessory. Since it is already late at night, he promised to call them tomorrow.


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