I Got Offended

It is almost start of classes and though other parents are already so busy buying some school materials for their kids, I am here stuck. Yes, I did not buy anything yet for the kids; we did not even enroll Faith yet due to financial constraints. I am doing my best I can to budget everything but because we have some extra expenses I was not able to do that, not to mention that I need to have my eldest daughter teeth repair and because she has been good doing the laundry almost the whole summer, as a reward I enroll her to drum lesson. I didn’t realize that May is over and we need to enroll them ASAP. I didn’t know also that my husband is having extra expenses so we are stuck; I don’t know anymore where to get some money to enroll Faith. Hopefully, we can enroll her on Thursday.

I have to do some budget later and will have to send it to my husband so he will be aware what we should pay on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. I hope everything will turn out alright as we argued this morning regarding my expenses that I incurred this month. It is not that his complaining but I got offended; it feels like I am just wasting his money to nonsense while I spent it mostly to our bills, monthly dues, house payment in Pag-ibig and all of those stuffs. I hope he would realize that I am doing my best here to settle things especially for the kids. Sigh, sigh, sigh I am having these thoughts again.


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