Hair Color Style

My friends and I agreed to come to our house today for hair color. Two of my workmates know how to apply hair color with bleach so the color won’t fade so easy. I woke up early to meet them in the mall, I dropped by in Pag-ibig first to pay our monthly dues for the house then after I went to the agency where I have my car processed for the renewal, the secretary just sent me a message that my sticker is already there and I need to get it to put it in the windshield. After I got the sticker, I went to the mall immediately to meet them.

I grocery shopped first so they have something to eat while doing the hair color. They applied the ash blond in my hair. They did not apply it for the whole hair as it would take some time, I mean it was already late when we started the hair color and they have to get home to their province.

Anyway, it took hours to apply and have it dry. It was tiring I guess but it’s all worth it. I was able to save some bucks for it. Thanks to my friends who are so kind to apply the color to my hair for free.


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