Women Vs Men

Women are better off today in terms with being independent and most especially with their career. These past decades, most women are out for paid employments and there are times that they are the one who brought bread and bacon inside the house than their husbands. This experience was never experienced by their grandmothers and their mothers could only dream of. If you will look at factories, mostly the numbers of workers are women; they have more choice and independence than of just staying at home. Women moving to some positions or jobs used to be done by men are already uncontrollable, courses in college in which only offers to men are open already to women. I mean women is top of it all, not to mention that there are numbers already of high-profile women chief executives and increasing of numbers of female Presidents. In the Philippines alone, there were already two. Even though there are some issues still that women are not compensated as equal to men, they are a less choice with who to appoint in the government, so you see there is still discrimination among men and women, which supposedly has been stopped already with this generation. But I guess it’s not.

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