Tip On How To Wear Mascara

I wear make-ups,  not  an expert though  usually I  just wear  my  lipstick on, then eye pencil for eyebrows and that’s it. I am exploring but I always get stuck with my own way. I know I need to know more, I know I need to let myself try to learn new things. Here’s the tip that I found that could also help me and you.

If you are wearing mascara sometimes it is hard to put it on your bottom lashes, sometimes it could be more messy and it will end up using all your time to wipe it and do it again. Make your life easy by using a plastic spoon; place it on the bottom of the mascara while applying it on your eyelids. It will avoid the ink of your mascara getting under your skin while applying it. It will not also helping not get messy at all, it will also help you accomplish much thicket coat.


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